State of New Jersey: Great Place To Visit

New Jersey is a state located on a peninsula between two rivers, the Hudson and Delaware, adjacent to the notorious New York City. It is one of the most developed states for tourists to visit, with plenty to see and do. New Jersey is a state that has it all: both big cities – megalopolises, and modest, but so attractive and colorful natural places. Every town and neighborhood in the state will show and show visitors its attractions. Learn more about this interesting state and plan your trip with the proceeds from the saddle bonuses at live casino in 2021!

Atlantic City

A favorite city for tourism, Atlantic City is celebrated; it can also be called the younger but no less successful brother of Las Vegas. Atlantic City has a huge number of casinos, which attract a stream of tourists. The main and most notable gambling houses are located on the main street called Broadwalk, which is highly recommended to visit in the evening. It is during the dark hours that you can see and feel the atmosphere that prevails there. Each of the casinos has its own distinctive style and cannot go unnoticed.


If you are not a fan of gambling, you might enjoy a walk on the pier in Atlantic City, for example, as the city faces the Atlantic Ocean. The city’s different piers are each interesting in their own way. For example, the Steel Pier for families with children (there is a huge amusement park), the Garden Pier for art lovers.


For those who think Atlantic City is known only for casinos, the Atlantic City Historical Museum is a great place to visit. That’s not true at all: at the museum, you’ll learn all about the city’s history and the different cultures mixed in its appearance, plus, admission to the museum is completely free.


The Atlantic City Aquarium is fascinating in its diversity. It includes many of the fauna of the Atlantic and other seas. It has several pools divided by theme, among which there is an outdoor pool. In the mornings and afternoons, there is a show of feeding of the local “inhabitants”. In addition, the Aquarium also has an exhibit dedicated to once-wrecked ships. The cost to visit is $10 for adults and $7 for children.


An interesting and fascinating trip to the city of Newark, where you can visit both the zoo and the planetarium, as well as many museums that keep within their walls interesting exhibits of science and art. For people who are into hockey, the main attraction will be the Prudential Center, an ice arena where hockey games are regularly held.


The Newark Museum is the largest museum in the state. It is devoted mainly to Native American art, modern American painters, but there are also exhibits from Asia, Africa, the ancient era, and natural science halls.


Architecture lovers will love just walking around the city, because it is famous, first of all, for its examples of Gothic architecture. For example, the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is one of the most beautiful Gothic churches in the country. This gray and austere building is decorated with many carved details. In addition to the Gothic, Newark has a fair number of buildings in the more modern Art Deco style. They are located near the city’s train station.


A less ambitious and flashy, but more scenic place to visit in the city of Princeton, also called the college town. The main attraction is Princeton University. It is one of the oldest educational institutions in the country, one of the best in the world, and also beautiful architecturally. In addition to the university, it is worth visiting the Einstein House Museum on campus. It captures the attention of every visitor regardless of age category and gives tons of emotions and impressions.


At the university, there is an Art Museum, where there are almost one hundred thousand works of art. Entrance to it is completely free! In the museum, you can see exhibits of Greek and Roman civilization, the Middle Ages, a rich collection of European paintings, works of modern art, as well as photographs – from the most ancient to the modern and famous. Bosch, Van Dyck, Goya, Van Gogh, and more await travelers at this museum.


Other Interesting Places in New Jersey

One of the most visited places in the state is Interstate Park, which is loved by all segments of the population up to and including officials. The park is equipped in such a way that modern architecture is very closely intertwined with natural beauty. But at the same time, none of the objects interferes with the other, but only complements it, and thus attracts about 7 million visitors every year. There are 24 separate parks, 8 historic sites, a nature reserve, bodies of water, fishing and skiing opportunities, and much more in the vast area.


Nature-lovers should also check out the world-class Pinelands National Park. The park is rich with many beautiful sites and excursions. Surprisingly, it can be visited only in the company and accompanied by a guide. Walking on your own is not allowed here.


Safari Park in Jackson is the largest on the planet. You can meet animals from literally every climatic zone in the world. Almost all of them are kept in the wild. Giraffes, lions, monkeys – more than 1200 species in total. Admission to the park will cost $77 for an adult and $47 for a child.

New Jersey Entertainment

New Jersey is the richest state to visit at any time of the year, and in doing so, trust me, each visit will be special in its own way. Judge for yourself: how many recreational options there are in the state!


Atlantic City and other cities along the coast offer beach vacations, surfing, and other water sports. The city is also famous not only for gambling but also for all sorts of shows: concerts and sporting events are often held there. In the concert hall, Borduok is the largest organ on the planet. Quite famous is the Water Show, which begins every hour – singing fountains, light effects, and beautiful music. Nightlife venues in Atlantic City offer a bunch of themed parties at all times of the year. You can even sail out of town on a cruise.

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