STATSCORE and Women’s Campeonato Brasileiro Interclubes U23

STATSCORE, a leading provider of sports data and insights, has unveiled its exclusive data coverage of the Women’s Campeonato Brasileiro Interclubes U23, a prestigious basketball championship in Brazil. This strategic move further expands STATSCORE’s basketball coverage.

As the exclusive data provider for the Campeonato Brasileiro Interclubes Feminino U23, featuring nine Brazilian teams, STATSCORE is dedicated to offering real-time data with a latency of up to 1 second. This enables bookmakers to broaden their basketball coverage, extend the range of odds offered, and encourage higher user engagement.

The data provided by STATSCORE’s Scouts will be sourced directly from the venues, ensuring the utmost accuracy and reliability in reporting. It will be made available through STATSCORE’s ScoutsFeed, a low-latency play-by-play sports data feed.

Player data will cover key aspects of individual performances, such as points, field goals made, two and three points made, free throws made.

Team data gathered at the venues will focus on each team’s statistics related to points, field goals made/missed/attempted, shooting percentages, free throws statistics, data on rebounds, steals, blocks, fouls, turnovers, and other key aspects of each game.

“We believe this presents a remarkable opportunity for sports-focused businesses to captivate and engage basketball fans and bettors. Our comprehensive data will offer unparalleled insights, enhancing the basketball experience and engagement for users. We’re thrilled to be part of this exciting journey!”

– said Rafael Tebaldi, Scouts Manager (Brazil) at STATSCORE, responsible for the competition’s data.

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