Sub-saharan Africa, huge numbers of punters and partners

Sub-Saharan Africa region of 46 countries, according to United Nation (UN). Population of over one billion people are living in sub Saharan Africa (4.7% which are in cities) on the average about 150 babies are born every minute in (SSA) and it is the home to the world largest youth population with eight of the world’s top 10 countries.

With the youngest populations currently being in (SSA), by 2050 the region will be home to all.

However, it is right about time to invest in Sub-Saharan Africa gaming industry. For instance, over the recent years, many parts of developing world have experienced unprecedented growths in gambling availability, participation and expenditure, but recently sub-Saharan African countries has been experiencing this pattern of growths.

Indeed, legalize gambling are currently known to operate in a number of Sub-Saharan Africa countries, including Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Kenya, Tanzania, Angola, Botswana, Senegal, Swaziland, Lesotho, South Africa, Namibia, and Rwanda, while Nigeria is known for the home of sports betting while South Africa currently holds the most casinos on the continent with 38 legally operated, and roughly over 200 registered bookmakers are in Africa.

Therefore, with the rapid growths in the betting industry, in most parts of Sub-Saharan Africa such as South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania etc.

However, according to recent research by(survey based on the African youth charter) the youths are active in one form of betting activities that’s about 3,879 youths between the age 17 and 35 in Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania was found to be 54% of youth in Sub Saharan Africa have engaged in some form of betting activity, in this study Kenya was reported as the country with highest at 76% followed by Uganda at 57% while Ghana had the lowest at 42%(SSA).

However, Operators in (SSA) countries are desperately seeking out for strategic partnership deals with major stakeholders in the gaming industry that includes software provider, suppliers, and IT service etc. This have become more prevalent in the gaming industry, especially in emerging markets like ours, through partnership operators having being able to deliver a successful gaming experience.

Although, with the increasing numbers of betting companies in Sub Saharan Africa countries and with the advancement of technology in the gaming industry in most parts of the developing countries, this has had its impacts on players behaviors also with huge numbers of participation of punters, and bettors look for more pleasing options to place bets, with this demands operator’s seek out for more gaming options on their platforms, so they can compete with other bookmakers in the industry.

A very good example is Nigeria, Nairabet being the first betting company in Nigeria, was the first betting company to introduce one game cut your ticket and still you will receive your payment, with this options other bookmakers follow suite with different options so as to meet the demands of their customers, this includes competitive odds, pre-match, in-Play, Quick bets, cash-out both land base and online etc.

Partnership is key for the future of gaming industry in Africa.

Written and edited by Adeleye Awakan Associate/Editor Africa’s leading B2B digital gaming magazine (

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