Superstitions Related to Gambling Around the World

Superstitions and the belief in luck have been a part of the daily life of people for a long time. Superstitions can be found in just about anything. People believe that luck is tied to certain numbers, objects, or even days of the week.

Superstitions are a big part of some people’s lives and they really believe in them. The most common superstitions that we all know of are, for example, that if a black cat crosses your path that means bad luck, or if you go under a ladder that means bad luck, or that you can quote-on-quote jinx something by saying it. For example, people also believe in Chinese lucky charms for gambling. When it comes to gambling, many people see it as a game of luck and believe that doing certain things or not doing certain things will lead to better games and a higher chance of winning, this is not the case of course. There are many gambling superstitions around the world, let’s look at some of them.

Number 13

In the West, one of the biggest superstitions about gambling is based on the number 13. To this day, there still isn’t a casino in Las Vegas that has the 13th floor, and many hotels there have no rooms with numbers higher than 13. And this is not just related to floors and rooms, the number 13 is generally considered bad luck in gambling, for example, some people will not gamble on Friday the 13th. One thing that is surprising considering all these negative superstitions around the number 13, is that you can still find the number 13 on the roulette wheel, and of course, statistically you still have the same chance of winning with it as with any other number.

Vulture Brains

The strangest superstitions around gambling anywhere in the world can be found in South Africa. People in South Africa believe that if you smoke dried-up vulture brains you will have visions of the future. This has been a long-lasting tradition within the community and has not been good for vultures, as their number has fallen. This is a really crazy superstition that does not have any real basis.


Another strange gambling superstition comes from China and is related to oranges. The Chinese believe that oranges carry yang energy and that they provide luck. Many gamblers in China carry oranges with them when they go gambling, as they believe that it will bring them luck and a higher chance of winning. another truly strange superstition.

Blowing on Dice

The gambling superstition that is most prevalent in movies is that blowing on dice will cause you to win. We see this in movies all the time: a person who is gambling at a casino takes the dice in his or her hand and blows on them because they believe this will make the dice roll properly and cause them to win. In pretty much every casino movie there is someone blowing on dice while gambling, and wherever there is gambling there are these strange superstitions following it. These were just some of the strangest and craziest gambling superstitions that you can find around the world.

Many people believe that gambling is based on luck and that luck is the thing that makes you win or lose, however, this is not the case. Gambling is based on chance, statistics and numbers. In gambling, there is a statistical chance of you winning and it has nothing to do with luck.


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