Szpil: I always associate with big challenges

Before the upcoming ICE Africa, which will be held in Johannesburg from 02 – 04 October, the editors of E-PLAY conducted a short interview with former CEO of Totalizator Sportowy, Mr. Wojciech Szpil.

He was responsible while performing this function for the increase in revenues in this state lottery company in Poland – Totalizator Sportowy. He was also the only Pole holding a high position in European Lotteries, an organization associating all lottery organizations in Europe.


E-PLAY: You are the speaker at the next, second edition of the ICE Africa trade fair. What would you like to share with the visitors of this event?

Wojciech Szpil: Working in Totalizator Sportowy, Polish National Lottery, I had the opportunity to deal with many problems that all lotteries in Europe and in the world also face. One of them is a decrease in the interest in this form of entertainment, seen as old-fashioned, and on the other hand, a decrease in turnover with the constant struggle for the customer with other entities entering the market with a much wider range of gaiming and gambling. in Poland, I was a huge success, doubling my turnover in 7 years of work.

I was able to create one of the best European lotteries at that time with my team. Sharing knowledge and experience in this field on the rapidly developing African market is an interesting intellectual challenge. after that I will have the opportunity to meet many colleagues and friends who have been staying in this business for years also going there, and this is an additional opportunity to exchange views.

E-PLAY: You have been a specialist in lottery issues in Europe for many years, you were a member of European Lotteries, an organization that brings together national lotteries in most European countries. This experience and many years of contacts make you an expert in many fields. What are your current career plans?

Wojciech Szpil: Career plans throughout my career have always been associated with large challenges and large projects, currently I implement three large projects in Poland. When cooperating with the National Lottery of Burundi, I would like to show a model example of a lottery that uses all the best experiences and best knowledge in the implementation of subjective activities related to products, i.e. games, and effective lottery management.

E-PLAY: Do you think Africa is a fertile ground for creating lotteries, what do you think are the most important tasks for countries organizing national lotteries?

Wojciech Szpil: Each continent and each country has its own specificity. Unique values related to the culture of the place and people, and emotions that accompany every game, every game and every win. However, the key challenge is always to create and then realize a new vision as well as a new brand strategy and communication strategy that should translate directly into benefit customers, i.e. players through winnings and license owners through a significant increase in revenue.

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