Take Your Sports Betting Business to New Heights at SBEA+ 2023!

The much-anticipated 8th Annual Edition of Sports Betting East Africa+ Summit is rapidly approaching! With esteemed speakers and participants eagerly preparing to gather in Kampala, Uganda, we are excited to announce the exceptional individual who will be leading this world-class summit as the Chairperson of SBEA+ 2023.

Thomas Buckley Opar Owuor is an accomplished lawyer who has been captivated by the influence of technology in various industries. With a background in mobile telecommunications and payments, sports betting, sports marketing, and consulting, Thomas has developed a keen understanding of the interplay between law, technology, and business. His extensive experience in the sports betting industry across the African continent has equipped him with a deep understanding of market intricacies, enabling him to offer valuable insights and strategic guidance to businesses seeking to navigate the industry.

“I believe in the opportunity and potential of technology and in business and the life of ordinary Africans. It’s exciting times in Africa!”

Thomas Buckley Opar Owuor, Independent Platform Consultant – Sports Betting, Payments, Digital Economy

We sat down with the Chairperson of SBEA+ 2023 ahead of the event where he shared his insights on the market and expressed his excitement for the upcoming summit:

Why do you think SBEA+ 2023 is important?

The sports betting industry is evolving very quickly in Africa with quick adoption by large populations of mobile technology, cheaper phones, easier payments, cheaper internet and more interactions/information through social media. It is important for industry stakeholders to meet often and discuss emerging issues and best practices so as to maximise the positive impact of the industry on the continent.

What do you look forward to at this event?

I am looking to meet industry players and take learnings to improve my services as a sports betting professional. I am also looking forward to engaging with other participants and hopefully make new friends and colleagues!

Kabira Country Club


Event start today at 9 am in Kabira Country Club in Kampala, Uganda.

We wish all those present fruitful meetings and interesting talks with future partners.


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