Technologies used in the gaming industry in Africa

There is every indication that Africa is the next big thing in regard to iGaming. Over the last five years, this continent has witnessed massive transitions in technology. Due to the untapped demand that exists, there is room for rapid transformation.

Initially, a large percentage of the population was limited in terms of accessibility and affordability. Today, there is heavy investment in internet connectivity as well as the general economy, subsequently empowering most households. It is much easier to launch technology in Africa which has proved to be a viable global destination.

Apart from South Africa and Nigeria, Kenya is also advancing rapidly when it comes to iGaming. This East African economic leader has a vibrant betting industry with several youths involved in gambling. Today, if you visit a live casino in Kenya, you will notice that many gamblers have embraced iGaming as part of their favourite gaming venture. This is reflected across other nations in Africa and that is why there is high scale penetration of iGaming technologies in this continent. Some of these technologies include;

5G Network

In the Sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa comes first in the iGaming industry. In fact, the country records a total turnover of 19 billion where 80% of this amount is attributed to 37 casinos that offer iGaming services. 5G network was only launched in South Africa in June of this year. Apparently, Nigeria has announced through its giant telecommunications company, MTN, that it will soon launch the 5G services to support the gaming industry. No doubt that other countries will follow suit, owing to the need to upgrade their current 4G setup.

Smartphone Technology

The African market is quickly embracing mobile technology. The entry of smartphones has introduced a new form of gaming where gamblers can run software games rather than placing wagers. Smartphones are built with Windows, Android and iOS operating systems which facilitate smooth experiences. Almost three quarters of the gambling youths in Africa can now afford a smartphone. There is a promising trend where such gadgets are being offered at affordable prices, meaning the near future will see a surge in iGaming activities.

Artificial Intelligence

iGaming is all about entertainment, and one feels in control when they can influence the outcome of the game. Artificial intelligence has been incorporated in the creation of games for the African market because players have a desire for realism. Essentially, you can pick the characters of your choice and make movements that you desire. The reason why most gamers in Africa are inclined towards artificial intelligence related games is because they are quite interactive.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Basically, VR is a form of technology that provides a realistic simulation of a 3D environment.

Players can use VR to gain experience of a casino setup before visiting a real facility. The African continent continues to adopt VR in various countries due to the ever growing demand.

Game developers recognise that there is huge potential in Africa. Although VR has been around since the 1960s, African players are getting the best in the new wave of technological transitions in the last 5 years.


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