The Africa Gaming Space, Has Never Been Better Positioned

Today the gambling firms in Africa is one sector that has mostly been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, especially sportsbook brands to back this up the region boost an unprecedented number of sportsbook operators.

Without a doubt, sports betting are the widely accepted form of betting among young adults in Africa. While casino gambling is also making inroads in the region at the same time, the retail betting is the preferred choice for players especially football betting is a mainstream culture for the average young African which 70 per cent of the regional population is between the age bracket of 18-35.

However, the gambling firms, and all significant stakeholders in the Africa gaming ecosystem as never been better positioned over the past few months. Betting firms in Africa has been taking a swift action both to adapt to near-term challenges caused by the pandemic by introducing a new set of game products to fill the void left due to the unavailable of real-life sports. While also this as positioned the gambling business in Africa for a long term success as regards betting offerings as this as create opportunities for other game products to make their presence felts among bettors. As reported by some operators in Africa, the penetration of game products offered by the majority of the sportsbook brands include games as the Esports betting, simulated virtual football leagues, among others gained hugged traction from punters. Also, we have seen the online gambling gain a lot of momentum as regards these betting firms are reporting new sign-up to online betting accounts during this pandemic outbreak.

In contrast, many betting firms are also recalibrating their business strategy in real-time and working with their customers through promotions offers. In terms of an upgrade to their platforms, free bets, and gifts offer to lure bettors back to betting through engagement model. The pandemic outbreak, as also made gambling boards in Africa, particularly the government of different African leaders, vowed to embrace digital. As the way forward in that regards country like Rwanda as made their intention clear about going online with their economy sector in the nearest future, areas like the gaming industry will see the legalization of online gambling in Rwanda soon.

In contrast with the anticipated league football matches that are resuming back gradually, we expect the betting firms to weather the coronavirus crisis, including partnering with relevant stakeholders. To simplify the in-game betting experience as well as bringing innovation pipeline to focus on scalable game products to meet evolving customer needs that as been quite away from real-life sports during the pandemic outbreak. Undoubtedly, they have been ups and downs in the Africa gambling industry. Still, the Covid-19 pandemic as set the pace for gambling brands, while it as also made the future of online gambling in Africa closer than ever, besides this betting brands should be clear on what needs to be achieve in the coming months and in the future, as countries begin to ease lockdown across the region.

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