The best casinos on the African continent

South Africa, a major figure in casinos in Africa

South Africa liberalized gambling in 2015, which allowed the opening of many establishments which delight players. There are many options available to you, starting with the Suncoast Casino in Durban. Served by the magnificent setting of this seaside town on the edge of the Indian Ocean, this casino will delight players. Another unmissable event, the Monte Casino is inspired by the architecture of old Tuscan villages. Its slot machines, 78 gaming tables and regular poker tournaments make it a first choice location.

Finally, to combine the pleasures of the casino and those of the amusement parks, go to Golden Reef City, in Johannesburg. This gold rush-themed amusement park includes a casino, but also numerous roller coasters, for even more thrills. To benefit from it, you still need to know the main rules of the game.

Mauritius, the casino in a heavenly natural setting

When it comes to casinos, Mauritius does not have to be ashamed of the competition from other countries on the continent. Your adventures in the world of gambling begin at the Casino de Maurice, the oldest casino on the island. Its wide selection of gaming tables will allow you to practice poker, but also blackjack and even American roulette. The casino is of course also equipped with slot machines to try to win the jackpot. To prepare for your adventures, all you have to do is practice by playing in the online casinos available from Burkina Faso. We also advise you to try playing demo slots on the website, there are more than 7,000 different slot machines and they are all available for free!

On the Grande Bay, the Ti Vegas Casino gives you access to more than 50 slot machines and numerous gaming tables. It regularly organizes events such as the African Series of Poker in 2018, but also regular poker tournaments in a wonderful seaside location which will allow you to enjoy a good swim to recover from your emotions.

Seychelles, casinos in a magnificent environment

Another true paradise on earth, the Seychelles also have a lot to offer casino enthusiasts. To get started, go to the Amusement Center. Ideally located at the mouth of the port of Victoria, the country’s capital, this station will impress you with the modernity of its equipment and its numerous slot machines. This magnificent casino also offers a few gaming tables which, without being the heart of the establishment’s activity, will delight players.

Also located on the island of Mahé, Berjaya International Casino is an increasingly popular destination for casino enthusiasts on the African continent. Its assets: no less than 55 slot machines, but also poker, blackjack and roulette tables. And for more entertainment, Berjaya International Casino regularly organizes tournaments and lotteries to get the most out of your experience.

The African continent has a lot to offer players, and this selection of establishments will delight casino enthusiasts.

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