The best strategy to adopt for marketing gaming brands

Yes, the adoption of mobile-centric platforms in gambling ecosystem is evident that mobile gambling is imminent that all operators are building a mobile software solution that is tailored-made to suit customer’s satisfaction.

In contrast, punters can be engaged even when there are on the go. It is evident that the mobile phone penetration across the globe, which reaches a staggering 5.1 billion people, owned a mobile device, according to (GSMA). The question is are stakeholders leveraging on mobile marketing. Although what is mobile marketing its a term for any software solution that is purpose-built to facilitate and optimize mobile marketing communications. In other words, mobile marketing platforms are mobile-centric, excelling in core capabilities like real-time communications, dynamic content marketing, customer segmentation and usage analytic across handheld devices.

MMPs they leverage mobile-specific technology such as GPS and channels like in-app messages and push notifications to deliver a customer experience that drives brand engagement. However, most brands are often confused with the term Mobile Marketing platform with Multichannel Marketing Hub traditionally focus on email as the primary engagement channel. The main difference between them is down to the weight of emphasis placed on mobile channels, especially the depth of capabilities mobile marketing platforms offer on these channels. Although, bookmakers who are looking to enhance or build their brands in the gaming space should predominately choose mobile marketing over multichannel marketing Hub as it is the preferred choice of gambling in recent time. Though, mobile devices eventually the primary method of engaging customers and prospects this is because Multichannel Marketing Hubs typically don’t have the same depth of features for mobile channels, which eventually leads to long-term disappointment and sub-optimal campaign performance.

MMPs are capable of delivering results in three distinct campaign categories; acquisition, engagement and retention. Mobile marketing varies in terms of their ability to help you achieve each goal. Perhaps, to find the right fit for your brand, it depends on your market target, and it can be beneficial to approach vendors with particular use cases in mind.

The acquisition is one tool brands, and particularly bookmakers should adopt to convert interested prospects who have engaged with your brands in some way but are yet to stake? Brands can include campaigns designed to successfully onboard new customers or app users, and genuine real-time messaging capabilities are vital to the success of the business. Engagement tool, these are campaigns geared towards increasing wallet-share from existing customers, encouraging repeat sales and upselling additional products, it crucial that the operator has advanced segmentation capabilities, meaning allowing to target your database at a granular level.

Finally, Player Retention these use cases cover abandoned cart recovery campaigns and all efforts to reengage lapsed customers. Meaning using these marketing tools will work to significant effect analyzing customers which one way or the other has been quiet using your platforms, using recovery campaigns is vital. Still, you are aware that segmentation is essential through investigating the analytics.

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