The Betting and Gambling Environment in Ghana

Ghana is a West African country with a steady economy. The majority of the population is young people in the age bracket of 19-34 who are interested in all forms of gambling. They are mostly interested in sports betting and casino gambling.

Football is most popular sport among Ghanaian punters. They have the luxury to place their bets on either land-based bookmakers or online betting sites. Here are some of the common types of gambling found in Ghana.

Sports Betting
Sports betting in Ghana is a thriving industry. Foreign and local betting organizations have set camp in Ghana due to the large population of Ghanaians bettors who are huge fans of English Premier League games. During the premier league season, they flood the sports bookies to place their bets.
Sports betting is on the rise, it is a lucrative industry for betting companies. There are many betting companies offering the best odds, cashouts, and enticing bonuses. Betting sites in Ghana include Mybet Ghana, Betway Ghana, 1XBet Ghana, LS Bet, William Hill, and Bet Yetu.

Sports betting companies in Ghana took the advantage of the widespread of mobile devices and the internet by optimizing their websites and creating their mobile apps. Therefore, Ghanaians punters have the ease of placing bets, depositing money, and withdrawal of winnings.

Whether you are an experienced punter or a new punter, such sites are friendly and secure. Transactions can be done by Ghanaian Cedi (GHS) although it is accepted by limited bookies.
Most of the betting sites prefer the use of dollars, euros, or pounds. Thus, Ghanaians bettors are advised to check the conversion rates and other applied fees before placing any deposits. The use of cryptocurrencies on betting sites is also acceptable.

Betting and gambling are legal in Ghana and is controlled by the Gaming Commission of Ghana.

Land-based Casinos
Land-based casinos are popular in Ghana and attract the rich people of Accra. Currently, four well-known licensed casinos are open to everyone. Accra has two casinos while Tema and Kumasi have one each. Most Casinos are open in the evenings. The brick-and-mortar casinos feature poker games, table games, jackpot slots, sports betting booths, and video poker.
Casinos in Ghana are:
• La Palm Casino is housed by La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Accra. The doors are open from noon daily.
• Millionaires Casino is housed by Golden Tulip Hotel, Accra. The doors are open from 8 pm daily.
• Millionaires Casino is housed by Golden Tulip Hotel in Kumasi. The doors open from 3 pm.
• The Golden Dragon Casino is housed by Prince Hotel in Temaand is open from noon daily.
You will need to call in advance to book a poker game if you want to play poker in your preferred land-based casino.

Online Gambling
The usage of the internet is quickly gaining moment as the internet is becoming accessible and affordable to Ghanaians. Ghanaians enjoy gambling online from poker sites, bingo sites, sports betting sites, and online casinos.

Ghanaians punters can play online casinos from the comfort of their offices or homes with a click of a button. Online casino games offer a wide range of poker and casino games—Omaha and Texas being a favorite to Ghanaian punters.

Online casino is considered as part of the Ghana gambling laws regulated by the gaming commission. The majority of online casinos are overseas online casinos that accept Ghanaian gamblers. Overseas online casinos use pounds, euros, and dollars but players in Ghana can transact through Ghanaian Cedis.
Also, Ghanaians punters can access online casinos through their mobile devices.

Lotteries are another legal form of gambling in Ghana. Like Namibia, Ghana has its own National Lottery regulated by National Lotto Act 2006. The national lottery draws are played weekly live on television. A player needs to pick five numbers between 1-90. The lottery tickets are sold mostly in retail shops.
The proceeds are used to serve the poor in Ghana.

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