The betting comparison service reveals the Dark Edge African betting market

With many betting companies populating the African market and regulatory authorities not being as watertight as they should be, it is easy for players to fall into the hands of untrustworthy bookmakers.

There have been several instances of malpractices by such betting companies, but more often than not, they escape scot-free. There are laws in place designed to regulate the activities of online gambling companies in Africa, but some of these laws are outdated and in desperate need of review and renewal.

This is one of the reasons why Leadstar Media launched

We want to be the punter’s guide through the online betting adventure, and educate players on the different aspects of this wonderful experience. Sports betting should be fun and entertaining, rather than a source of pain and disenchantment. We are strong advocates of responsible gambling, and encourage our users to adhere to this principle,

– says Eskil Kvarnström, CEO at Leadstar Media.

MyBettingSites Kenya was the first African outlet; it has since been followed by for Nigeria and it will be branching into other African countries, including South Africa, Ghana, and Zimbabwe, very soon.

Part of the services includes examining the online gambling laws in these countries, and educating players on what is legal or not, but also what could potentially cause them trouble. Some betting sites are operating within the confines of the law, while others are illegal. guides the readers through their selection process and only recommends sites that are fully licensed by reliable regulatory bodies. compares the qualities of different bookmakers and helps players to make educated and informed decisions on what sites to choose. Visitors do not have to go through the cumbersome process of browsing through each individual different betting site.

We’ve done all the hard work and published our detailed reviews. But our job does not end with comparing bookmakers and offering legal advice. We also help potential new players to find out how to start their online betting adventures, taking them through the basics of sports betting. We have comprehensive tutorials on deposit and withdrawal methods, betting strategies and different betting features, including live betting, cash out and live streaming.

MyBettingSites is not limited to sports betting, it also features online casinos in the same comprehensive manner as sportsbooks.


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