The consumer experience is the key to success in the new decade

Ahead of ICE 2020, the DR Gaming Technology executive delved into the future of the gambling industry, placing a special focus on consumer experiences.

Some thoughts on the future, ahead of ICE 2020, by DRGT Africa MD, Charl Geyser.

In 2008/9 the planet as a whole experienced a significant recession; notwithstanding the fact that we are now more than 10 years hence, the effects thereof continue to linger, and as a result, affect consumer confidence and subsequently general economic growth.

The above said, what does the future bode for businesses in general, and particularly our portion of the entertainment sector: gambling? I am of the view that based on the above, there will be an ever-increasing shift in the way casinos market themselves particularly in Europe, and to an extent Africa, in an effort to remain relevant and grow their businesses; that shift has to be towards the player, our consumer.

Whilst business growth will in likelihood be driven by changes in market share, as opposed to actual increases in spending in Europe, in Africa, I see both market share changes and actual consumer spending driving growth; one thing though is certain, whether one is operating across Europe or Africa: the consumer experience is paramount, and will have to be exceptional, and that is where I believe DR Gaming Technology (DRGT) has a key role to play; by providing operators with the tools and technology required to deliver that exceptional consumer experience.

In a study by PwC on customer experiences, the FIVE most important things that people valued in respect to their consumer experience was, in order of preference:

  • Efficiency;
  • Convenience;
  • Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff;
  • Easy Payment; and
  • Up-to-date Technology

With the above list as a starting point, and notwithstanding the ever-evolving physical products placed on a casino floor, which all operators have access to, operators need to now more than ever be able to easily measure and manage that product offering, then allocate that intelligence to specific players, use that intelligence to tailor their offerings to those players, and then tell those players and their casino staff about it. Once done, the entire process starts again, it has to; in order to remain relevant, it can never stop.

Where I believe we stand-out in the marketplace, is the fact that we are able to provide operators with the tools to tackle 2020 head-on and meet those ever-increasing needs of casino players. At ICE 2020 in February, visitors to our booth will be presented with a vast array of management and reporting tools all aimed solely at empowering slots, tables and marketing personnel with easy-to-use technology that will help them understand, measure, service, and engage with their players better, in so doing creating the best possible consumer experience.

From our management system and reporting tools that now offer Tables Managers the same functionality and insights that in the past were the exclusive domain of Slots Managers, to slots jackpot options that allow operators the functionality to reward any array of individual types of players or player segments on a single EGM, across a casino floor or across an operator’s estate, to our world-class Poker21’s and top-rated BlackJack11’s Tables jackpot games, our easy-to-configure and personlise drBonusReel bonus games, our world-leading player interface and loyalty technology, and our customer communications software, I really do believe DRGT™ provides casino operators with a formidable array of tools that will allow them to enter the new decade confident of the fact that they will be able to deliver the best possible consumer experience; marketed ideally to a player segment of one.


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