The expansion of sports betting and gambling into Africa

Africa is an emerging market that has enjoyed substantial economic growth in recent years. With a steadily rising GDP, the continent offers much potential for many industries looking to expand.

Gambling and sports betting are leading the field, with many African nations already showing a voracious appetite. The good news for African casino players is that there are many companies keen to expand into the market in the near future.

Improved Technology Offering Opportunities

Casino games are fast-moving and have advanced graphics, which means that a slow connection speed simply can’t keep up. It can also eat more significant amounts of data than simple web-based online scrolling. For these reasons, playing casino games has been historically tricky for African players who didn’t have access to an infrastructure that offered what they needed.

The rapid advances in technology mean that internet access in Africa is no longer considered a luxury. In the first quarter of 2021, Nigeria had the sixth-highest number of internet users in the world – and there are many other African countries that are also experiencing great demand.

What’s particularly interesting about African access to the internet is that around 75% uses mobile technology. Less than a quarter of users rely on PCs to browse online, so that leaves millions of potential casino players waiting for companies to offer their services.

Mobile play has become a high priority for gambling firms in recent years, and there are now many mobile casino apps that offer a full authentic experience. As casinos move into Africa, players will be able to sign up with just a phone number and nothing more.

Major Casinos Confirm Move Into Africa

The emerging market in Africa has caught the attention of some of the top global casinos who are keen to reach new audiences. With Africa already demonstrating enthusiasm for sports betting, they could soon be able to play casino games too.

Entain is one of the leading names in the casino world, and they have already taken steps to move into the African continent. CEO Jette Nygaard-Andersen has confirmed that the company plans to be active in the sports betting market by the end of 2021.

The casino giant has been vocal about its future in Africa and made it clear that it hopes to reach a broad African market with sports betting and traditional casino games.

To help facilitate the move, Entain owns a 51% share in subsidiary outfit Impala Digital, which it believes will be vital to its launch and sustained operation in Africa.

Although Entain is only just moving into the African market, the name will already be familiar to some, thanks to their charitable work. This will no doubt help and reinforce projects already assisting communities.

The Entain Foundation is an initiative set up by the company as a charitable endeavour to support worthy projects worldwide. Combining resources with Chance for Childhood, the Entain Foundation has sponsored a project in Ghana for education in early childhood: Change the First 1000 Days.

Current CEO Nygaard-Andersen and all previous CEOs of Entain have been clear about the company’s desire to contribute to communities around the world, making a “transformational positive impact”.


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