The Five Strangest Side Bets in the History of Gambling

After the soccer group Leicester City won the English Premier League, it showed that the end of an amazing change from the common norm where people only expected the big teams to win.Only profesional gamblers had a chance to correctly predict such an outcome.

What was likewise astounding about Leicester’s success was that they were possibilities toward the beginning of the period. The British sensationalist newspapers were stuffed with stories of intoxicated fans having put $10 wagers toward the beginning of the period and viewing, paralyzed, as their $50,000 bets came in.

Formally more probable than a Leicester City win was British PM David Cameron turning out to be chief of the English side, Aston Villa, Hugh Hefner confessing to being a virgin, and Simon Cowbell to be made British Prime Minister. On the off chance that you extravagant a shot at “doing a Leicester”, what sorts of curiosity wagers would you be able to put your well-deserved bucks on today?

On the off chance that spots like Belfair have demonstrated anything, it’s that you can wager on the result of fundamentally any occasion nowadays. In the event that you don’t trust us, investigate the absolute most ridiculous prop wagers in betting history.

Amarillo Slam’s wagers

We said you could wager on anything “nowadays”, however, amazing Texan card shark Amarillo Slim consumed his entire time on earth doing that route before Belfair and other online club existed. Thin could fill this rundown independent from anyone else, however for curtness allows simply give a portion of his features:

Hustling a steed: Slim wager that he could beat a racehorse in a hundred-yard run, and got no deficiency of takers. The main condition was that he would pick the track; he picked 50 yards one way and 50 yards back. When the steed had halted, turned around, and found a workable pace once more, Slim was over the line. Big showdown ping-pong: Slim wager that he could beat a Taiwanese table tennis victor unexpectedly, inasmuch as the Texan gave the oars. He appeared with two Coca-Cola bottlers rather than customary oars; Slim had been rehearsing with these for a considerable length of time and deftly beat his rival. A record golf drive: Could you drive a golf ball over a mile? Thin figured he could, and he did – in light of the fact that he hit the ball over a solidified lake and it slid far, far into the separation.

Jason Mercier’s armlets

Simply this year, poker champion Jason Mercier ended up on the correct finish of a colossal 180/1 wager against individual ace Vanessa Sells. She had bet that Mercier couldn’t win three World Series of Poker wrist trinkets in 2016, setting up $1.8 million to Mercier’s $10,000. Sells came to very quickly lament her choice when Mercier quickly won armed jewelry, lined it up with a quite close runner up the finish a couple of days after the fact and afterward grabbed a second armlet inside seven days.

Sells had offered a $100,000 buyout before Mercier won his first; at that point, she had to sell a great deal of her side of the wager as Mercier continued doing admirably on occasions. Luckily for her, Mercier needed to make do with two wristbands in a single summer and Serbs kept her $1.8 million.

Erick Lindgren’s golf

Golf and betting go connected at the hip, particularly when it’s expert card sharks playing. Poker player Erick Lindgren engaged in a golf wager with a few different stars, guaranteeing he could:

Play four rounds of golf from the ace tees at a 7,000-yard course. Shoot under 100 in each round. Walk the entire way, conveying his own clubs. Anybody with a passing recognition with golf realizes that a 72-opening day is a long one, and $340,000 went on the line.

Lamentably for Lindgren, his adversaries picked the day – one of the most blazing in Las Vegas. Lindgren went through more than 14 hours playing golf, lost in excess of 15 pounds and experienced heat stroke and lack of hydration – yet he did it, and stashed an amount.

Veggie lover Ivey

Playing on GSN’s High Stakes Poker, Phil Ivey engaged in a prop wager with individual poker player Tom Dawn. The idea was basic – Ivey needed to go vegan for a full schedule year, and there were a cool million dollars on the line.

“I was considering doing it for some time,” Ivey said while arranging the wager. “So this resembles an additional motivation.”

At first, Ivey needed to wager $5 million. He’s most likely happy he didn’t, as he purchased out of the wager for a $150,000 charge only three weeks after the fact.

Brian Zambia’s 38Cs

Maybe the most popular and absurd wager ever, particularly for how generally little the entirety of cash included is, remains Brian Zambia’s “Bosom Bet.”

Zambia – a male, on the off chance that you hadn’t speculated – needed to get bosom embeds and keep them for a year. In the event that he did, he’d win $100,000. A speculator profoundly, Zambia searched out a specialist in the wake of losing a ton of cash on the financial exchange and got the activity free in the wake of beating the specialist in backgammon. Zambia has the bosoms right up ’til today, after 20 years. While some oddity wagers have a completion (Leicester winning, Trump dropping his pants), others expect you to leave this human curl so as to gather your rewards. Amazingly, some UK wagering firms took wagers in 2012 on the world closure that year. On the off chance that you’ve seen the god-awful calamity of a catastrophe motion picture where crap hit the fan (actually), you’ll realize that 2012 was the year that Mayan prophets anticipated the world would end.

It sent curiosity punters rushing to their nearby bookmakers in England to put down wagers at that the prescience would work out as expected. Come December 21 (the anticipated moment of retribution dependent on the Mayan schedule), the world was still especially turning on its pivot and all wagers were off. Disgrace.


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