The Future of Africa’s Online Casino Industry

Believe it or not, Africa is quickly becoming one of the most lucrative gambling markets in the entire world. Gambling has always been very popular in the country, but now more and more people are choosing to try and make their bets with an online casino.

There are a few reasons for this, but some of the most popular ones include the fact that it is easier and also way less time-consuming when compared to visiting a land casino. Africa’s casino industry is surging right now- with more and more companies starting to take notice of the advancements the country has made. If you want to find out more about this or if you want to find out why the African casino industry is surging, then simply take a look below.

Internet Gambling Laws

A lot of countries in Africa are now changing their gambling laws. It’s important to know that this concept applies to both internet and land-based casinos. This has helped the industry to grow and it also means that people have way more options when it comes to their gambling.

The Casino Industry is Growing Fast

Sports betting has been spreading like wildfire through Africa. When you look at some of the countries in Africa, namely Kenya and Uganda, you will soon find that the betting market alone is able to bring in millions of dollars every single year. A lot of this comes down to the laws that have been changed as mentioned above, but it also comes down to people finding a new passion for gambling. Land-based casinos are very popular but it is becoming very clear that online gambling really is becoming the preferred method. There have been so many South African online casino providers opening up for quite some time but a lot of them charge very high entry fees. A lot of locals simply cannot afford to pay it, and this has caused problems for quite some time. The rise of online gambling has also led to an increase in casino gaming too. A lot of people are now coming to the conclusion that if they want to gamble online then they don’t have to limit themselves to using just poker or blackjack providers. They can now play slots or other forms of gambling games with ease and this is attracting a whole new market.

Mobile Payments

Another thing that is helping the African continent to grow their gambling passion is the fact that mobile payments are now much easier to make. A lot of banks refuse to accept any kind of gambling deposit, but now people are able to make mobile payments, they can deposit as much as they want without having to worry about a thing. Regulation in the gambling industry is also very sparse. When you look at Kenya and Uganda you will soon find that they have taken as many steps as they can to try and regulate the industry while also keeping the people who love to gamble safe. The work that they have put in so far has worked wonders, but other countries are yet to follow in their footsteps. If the gambling industry was to take off even more however then this would surely lead to some changes being made.

Top Countries

A couple of countries have emerged as being gambling hotspots. The main ones include Kenya and Uganda. They are very well-known for their gambling markets and they are even competing with countries such as Europe and even North America too. Lawmakers in countries such as this have begun to try and implement new and interesting regulations to stop online gambling from spiralling out of control, while also trying to make sure that the people who choose to use providers are having their details kept safe.


Uganda have announced that they are working very hard to try and push any foreign operators out of the country. Kenya has introduced a bill which is going to ban any kind of gaming advertisements. Gaming companies are now no longer able to promote their services on television between the hours of 6 am and 10 pm and it should also be noted that celebrities are also prohibited from endorsing any kind of gambling too. These aren’t the only countries that have a huge gambling market though. South Africa is becoming one of the major hubs in gaming. Their gaming market is expected to be worth around $2 billion by the end of the year 2019. Even Muslim-majority countries are going to be offering some of their services in Arabic as well.

The Future

Right now it looks like there is a lot going on. A lot of gaming operators are going to be focusing on trying to offer their services here. Of course, countries such as Uganda are also trying to work hard to see if they can nationalise their gambling market too. Kenya is very focused on trying to stop people from getting a gambling addiction too. An article that was published in the year 2018 by the BBC and it details how many people are actually fully hooked on internet gambling. It’s very unclear where the gambling industry is going right now but if you take into account all of the research it is possible to try and predict some future trends. Countries are working hard to try and make sure that their internet gambling markets are more regulated. The main issue here is that these regulations are limiting the number of legal operations that are available in the country.

Some of the top online casinos are available throughout the continent right now. A lot of the gambling industries in Europe are very focused on trying to make sure that the right regulations are in place and they are also trying to make sure that the right gaming options are available to consumers as well. Only time will tell what the future holds but right now it looks like things are moving in the right direction and this could mean great things.


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