The growth of mobile betting with crypto sportsbooks

Mobile betting on crypto sportsbooks has become increasingly popular as the internet and mobile devices are more accessible, and crypto is widely used.

Bitcoin sports betting sites can be accessed on various devices, including smartphones and tablets, taking the overall sports betting experience to a new level. More crypto betting sites offer mobile betting that does not require players to open additional web browsers to access the platforms and wager on their favourite sporting events.

Mobile applications have also made it easy and safe to access the best Bitcoin sports betting sites where bettors do not have to travel to any physical location and instead bet from the comfort of their homes.

More than 35 million people are actively taking part in sports betting. With technology advancing so fast and mobile betting apps skyrocketing in popularity, we need to take a step back and realize how mobile betting has changed the entire industry scenario. This change was possible due to certain benefits that land-based sportsbooks simply cannot provide. Let us find out how mobile betting has revolutionized sports betting and made it more convenient and accessible for players worldwide.

Mobile Betting Revolution

The rise in mobile betting technology has enabled players to bet anytime, anywhere, playing a pivotal role in shaping the entire sports betting industry. Mobile apps offered by the best Bitcoin sports betting sites have made it extremely convenient for players to place wagers while commuting, at the stadium, or home.

They only require a stable internet connection and a device to start their mobile betting journey. Many Bitcoins sports betting sites have introduced their dedicated mobile apps that offer user-friendly interfaces, secure payment options, and seamless navigation, ensuring a hassle-free and smooth betting experience.

Mobile betting with crypto sportsbooks has created new opportunities for players and made betting more accommodating and flexible. The added accessibility and ease of use are why mobile betting has become so popular in recent years.

Mobile sports betting sites are useful in various ways. Players can check out their betting odds of different sportsbooks with a few clicks of a button. With mobile betting, matched betting strategy can reduce risks and lock in potential wins.

With mobile betting, players can check their odds and access bonuses and promotions within minutes. It is in contrast to physical bookies, where they have to travel to their chosen bookmakers.

Mobile betting offered by the best Bitcoin sports betting sites employs security measures to protect players’ information and funds. These measures ensure that the players can wager on their favorite sports without worrying about losing money. Players can read more about crypto sports betting sites that offer mobile betting to analyze how mobile apps have transformed sports betting and introduced accessibility and convenience to the players.

Rise of Crypto Sportsbooks Among Mobile Bettors

According to a few crypto mobile betting stats, approximately 60% of online players use different mobile devices to place wagers. Considering that, we can say about 26% of the population wagers on sports. According to the statistics team at Uplatforms, mobile devices account for about 70% of the crypto betting revenue.

The widespread accessibility and availability of the Internet have allowed access to mobile betting. These devices are most prevalent among young adults under 35 who have more knowledge of cryptocurrencies and prefer wagering on sports using them. Among mobile bettors, 56% of men and 44% of women bet on sports online. However, when it comes to mobile betting, women account for around 55%, which is more than what men do.

Increase of Bitcoin Usage in Mobile Betting

The best Bitcoin sports betting sites have introduced mobile betting as it is one of the best and most popular ways to participate in the ever-evolving betting industry. Mobile phones have become inexpensive, and the Internet has become accessible and affordable.

With this, betting with Bitcoin has become popular among sports bettors. For instance, players from Kenya use different devices to place bets 88% of the time using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

European countries are also witnessing a rise in mobile betting via tablets and smartphones. In 2019, sports bets placed via mobile devices using Bitcoin accounted for about 44%, whereas it rose to 50.5% in 2021 and is estimated to project 61.5% of the market share by 2026.

Additionally, introducing 5G networks in 2019 has made the Internet faster and more accessible. 5G’s improved speed, lower latency, and high-resolution video streaming features have enhanced user experience on mobile devices and VR platforms. The security and stability of these networks have provided players with uninterrupted mobile betting experiences using cryptocurrencies. As these technologies become more prevalent, the crypto sports betting industry will adapt and leverage technological innovation in the future.

Benefits of Mobile Betting with Crypto Sportsbooks

Social interaction is one of the most notable benefits of mobile betting with crypto sportsbooks. Mobile betting offers an excellent chance for players to connect with others and join like-minded individuals to build communities through crypto betting.

The social element of mobile betting is a great benefit for players who cannot move to a physical bookmaker but would like to connect with bettors from other parts of the world and wager on their favorite sporting events. Mobile apps have several features integrated within them that help in increasing the level of social interaction.

Another benefit of mobile betting with crypto sportsbooks is the wide selection of sporting events, including football, MMA, volleyball, rugby, basketball, cricket, table tennis, and even esports like Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and many more.

Live casino games and online slots offer added opportunities for players to play casino games easily. Mobile betting has also enabled live streaming, bringing the action to the player’s screen in real-time. Players can place their wagers as the action unfolds and immerse themselves.

Whether it is a thrilling cricket match or an intense football showdown, live streaming brings the fun and excitement of sports betting to the players’ screen.

Enhanced user experience and expanded betting options are great benefits of mobile betting with crypto sportsbooks. These technologies have revolutionized the overall sports betting experience and offered customized betting tailored for individual players.

Challenges and Future Outlook

If mobile betting and technologies surrounding crypto sportsbooks continue to advance at the current rate, we can only predict many more changes to happen in the crypto sports betting industry with added improvements in the use of digital currencies and blockchain.

Crypto sportsbooks keep players’ information safe and hidden from hackers. This results in a more reliable and secure way of wagering. However, the future outlook depends on how technology advances and the frequency and quality of crypto sportsbooks evolve. While most sportsbooks are currently reserved for web-based online sports betting sites, in coming years, they are most likely to offer more mobile apps.


The betting landscape in today’s world with mobile-friendly websites has become popular for betting companies. Players can download and install dedicated mobile apps and place their wagers on the go.

The number of crypto sports betting companies developing their dedicated mobile apps is increasing exponentially as mobile betting becomes popular for sports bettors worldwide. With superior quality live streaming, a mobile-friendly user interface, and added security measures, mobile betting offers provide players with enjoyable and convenient experiences and increased revenue-earning opportunities.


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