The growth of online gaming in Africa

Online Gaming in Africa has been on the rise over the past few years. More African countries have embraced mobile gaming. Online gaming providers like Betway have developed exciting products that attract more gamers every day.

The revenue generated by these platforms has made them an attraction to many jurisdictions in Africa. This article looks at the growth of online gaming in the African continent.

The Gaming Market

The gaming market in Africa has grown into a million-dollar industry. Mobile gaming is a significant contributor to the growth of the online gaming industry in Africa. Nearly half of the industry’s revenue comes from mobile gaming. The contribution is substantial because a big part of the population is made up of youths aged 35 years and below. This has put Africa on the spot for being a big market for smartphone companies and the online gaming industry.

The Growth of Mobile Gaming

The popularity of mobile-based gaming is growing by the day with increased smartphone penetration in the continent. With these smartphones, more Africans can access mobile-based games. They can play games through browsers or mobile gaming apps like Betway. Apart from mobile gaming being popular in urban areas, it is also gaining popularity in rural areas.

Other contributors to the growth of online gaming are:

Improved Internet Connectivity

Internet connection has been enhanced in recent years. More people in Africa are gaining access to the internet every day. Telecommunication technology has been on the rise, and mobile providers have improved their services concerning internet connection. For this reason, anyone in Africa with a smartphone can access games like online casinos from their mobile devices, anywhere.

Some of the countries experiencing rapid growth in online gaming are; Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Senegal, Ghana, and DRC Congo.


As much as it sounds terrible, unemployment in major African countries is also a contributor to online gaming growth. The rate of unemployment is very high, particularly among youth. This is a problem seen in more than half of the population in some African countries. Governments have been forced to invite foreign sportsbooks to invest in their countries. The result is the unemployed begin betting, and some even earn a living from it. The governments also benefit by getting revenue because the companies are heavily taxed.

Gaming Laws

Not all African countries allow online gaming. In some African countries, online gaming is illegal. Other African countries allow it, but there are laws that govern or regulate gambling. For instance, South Africa was the first African country to create gambling laws. Online gaming activities like casinos, are prevalent in South Africa.

Most African countries have gaming commissions that are mandated to control gambling. Such countries include Angola, DRC Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa.

The Future of Online Gaming in Africa

The future of gaming in Africa will be driven by technology. As countries improve their infrastructure, more gamers will emerge. Also, as more countries become more accommodative to gaming companies like Betway, you should expect to see these online casinos spreading their wings.


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