The most famous British gamblers

For you to become famous in gambling, you must be lucky, cunning, and skillful. However, when you put enough effort, you can achieve that.

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Some people have made legendary exploits in the gambling world. However, it does not mean that it was all a bed of roses for them. When you read their story, you will come to understand why people must be very cautious and above all responsible when at the tables.

How the Bank was broken by Joseph Jagger

Joseph Jagger was a textile business owner in the twilight of the nineteenth century. However, his fame came when he succeeded in fishing out an erroneous system at the Casino de Monte Carlo in 1881. From his textile work, he discovered that there is never a perfect balance for spinning wheels. With this, he studied the roulette wheels with the best deposit casino for 31 days. Through the study, he found out the numbers that surface more frequently, giving him the chance to place many bets with the least risks. Within a few days of this discovery, he was able to win £80,000 on roulette, an equivalent of £7.5 million today. Because of his winning, the roulette tables closed temporarily because there was not enough money to pay.

Charles James Fox’s Tough Life

Here, we are talking about the State of Foreign Affairs Secretary in the United Kingdom for twenty years. While alive, he supported the independence of the United States and opposed King George III’s stand on this. However, he was a compulsive gambler.

His addiction to gambling led to him being declared bankrupt twice in the 1780s. His gambling loss amounts to £200,000 at that time – an amount that is worth up to £30 million currently. For him, the greatest feeling in the world is to win in gambling, while the second greatest feeling is losing. He was also known for consistent drinking and some people believe that this is what led him to gambling.

The Gambling Inventor, John Montague

John Montague was the 5th Earl of Sandwich in the 18th century, and he was a regular gambler that spent several hours enjoying card games at different tables. Story had it that he simply loved card games and that none was his favorite.

John is remembered for one significant thing in gambling, and that is the fact that while playing the games, he was able to develop one of the most prominent food staples in the world. While gambling, he will order his servants to serve him slices of bread with slices of meat in between. These meals were later named sandwiches, with reference to the fact that he demanded for those in Sandwich where he was the Earl.

Charles De Ville Welles

Now, the man named Charles De Ville Welles has a lot of mysteries surrounding his casino life. This is because no one can actually pinpoint how he succeeded in breaking the bank in Monte Carlo in 1891, ten years after Joseph Jagger. He boasted that his system would guarantee him winnings whenever he wagered. Many people believe his winnings were as a result of intensive study of the roulette wheels to understand their mechanism, while others attribute them to luck. He won so much money from Monte Carlo that he was able to buy a luxury yacht with some of the money. He however, did not put the money to good use. He later defrauded many people in England and France by collecting money from people for investments and making none. He was later convicted for these crimes and served a jail term.


You may not achieve what the greatest gamblers in Britain did, but you can still enjoy the excitement and entertainment that is offered by these games. However, when you play games, do it carefully and understand that none of the games, especially roulette is predictable. You are also better off using the games for fun and entertainment instead of a money making tool.


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