The most popular games to play this winter in South Africa

Online gaming has become a hot commodity across the world throughout the past few decades after a continuous amount of investment and intrigue that has been developing within the gaming industry, which has only continuously increased the overall player base of a number of illustrious titles.

One country that has continuously expressed and expanded its wider interest in the gaming circuit is the proud nation of South Africa which now features a wide range of active gamers that are frequently online throughout the course of the year.

2023 has already provided gamers all over the world with a monumental selection of critically acclaimed titles that continue to draw a mass sum of attention from various forms of media, with the latter months of the calendar year also expected to include several impressive new inclusions into the video gaming scene that will continue to keep all players engaged heading into the frigid winter months.

Here are some of the best and most popular games that will be on the shelfs in South Africa that all gamers should look to play during the winter season:

Marvel’s Spider Man 2:

While many players may not have the luxury of owning a PS5 or PS4, there is no denying that Marvel’s latest iteration over their iconic webbed menace is sure to encourage plenty of gamers to purchase a next generation console given the overriding amount of hype that their sequel to the critically acclaimed 2018 Spider Man PS4 title has attained upon its October release.

This title features the return of a plethora of beloved characters from the first game as well as several new inclusions such as the villainous Kraven the Hunter and the alien symbiote Venom, with Peter Parker even donning the fearsome black suit during the games earlier trailers.

There is also an expanded map of Manhattan and plenty of other side activities that are sure to keep all players engaged throughout the entirety of the winter season, with Insomniac’s latest edition to their Spider Man saga expected to be a game of the year candidate.


For any gamers who are of an appropriate age, there are numerous casino outings that are now widely available across all online platforms, with slot games being a particular hot commodity amongst all avid punters.

One of the top reviewed and highly played slot outings which is now available on Virgin Games is the Big Bass Bonanza, which has remained one of the highly favorited titles for all punters to enjoy, especially throughout the winter months.

With a wide selection of renowned titles and outings to enjoy across all virtual platforms, slots are still widely viewed as one of the best choices for any gamer to partake in during their free time.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3:

Activision is once again rolling out the red carpet for their latest release in the much coveted first-person shooter franchise that is Call of Duty, with the 2023 outing of Modern Warfare 3 being one of its most highly touted releases in recent years.

This title will likely feature all the usual aspects that have become very familiar to regular COD players but will also include several other intriguing assets that will instantly bring back the nostalgia from the original Modern Warfare titles.

Multiplayer will now include maps from past CODs that are viewed as major fan favorites as well as a whole new take on the popular Warzone battle royale game mode.

Zombies will also make its first appearance in the MW saga and finally the campaign will feature the epic conclusion of the remastered Task Force 141 as they face the imminent threat of the feared Vladimir Makarov, who is widely recognized as one of gaming’s most terrifying villains.


For a number of years, the insanely popular battle royale title has ranked as not just the most widely played game in South Africa, but also across the entire world, with the active player base still being situated as a major figure over six years after its initial 2017 release.

Fortnite is always free-to-play for anyone that owns a console or gaming device and is easily accessible for all gamers of any such age, with Epic Games looking to add new aspects into the game as well as different maps and weapons that players can utilize in the hopes of gaining that valuable Victory Royale.

Although Fortnite has remained at the top level of video gaming popularity and has retained its overriding level of hype, it is still a great title that any gamer can enjoy if they are stuck inside during the winter season, with plenty of illustrious skins now being available for players to attain in their quest to avoid the looming storm and defeat all adversaries that they will surely face throughout the course of the game.


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