The online blackjack gaming evolution.

The popular game of blackjack can be played on most online casino sites along with poker, roulette, and slot games. In the last few years, the experience of playing online has changed massively thanks to the latest technologies. It also affected the online blackjack gaming evolution which resulted in live dealer blackjack games. During playing you can feel like being in an actual casino but having more fun due to the extra features.

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino banking games since its appearance in the 17th century in Spain. Most historians believe that it was brought to America by the French colonists in the 1800s. The game hasn’t got popular until the 1960s when Edward O. Thorp released his book, Beat the Dealer about card counting. It inspired players to choose blackjack in the casinos and try to overcome the house advantage. Of course, casinos were not happy about them and introduced several anti-counting measures. But with the spread of online casino sites in the 1990s, many gamblers chose to stay at home and played the online versions.

The Online Blackjack Gaming Evolution

The first online blackjack games became available in 1994 on the first online gambling platforms. In two years there were already 200 sites to choose from. Of course, the first games were pretty basic with 2D green tables, a ‘hit’ or ‘fold’ button, and a robotic voiceover acting as a dealer. Still, players could play blackjack from the comfort of their homes and without the suspicious looks of the casino staff.

The next big step in the online blackjack gaming evolution was the introduction of live dealer games which makes the whole experience much more enjoyable. The first live games were quite hectic. Streamed live from a real casino, with people at the scene often obstructing the view. But it was the beginning of a new kind of online gambling that has improved a lot in the last few years.

Immersive Live Dealer Games

Nowadays, if you visit one of the most popular online casino sites, you can surely choose from several different live dealer blackjack games. These games offer you an immersive experience thanks to new camera technologies which allow you to see all the little details. You are one-to-one with the dealer without the annoying crowd, so you can focus more on the game. And you can even talk to her/him if you feel like it. What’s more, on most sites you can even choose your dealer from blonde girls to handsome Latin American guys.

The next step in blackjack evolution will be the increased use of virtual reality. When you’ll feel like you’re sitting at the table in a real casino. At the moment, VR is still not common and you need special glasses to enjoy it. But who knows, maybe in a few decades, even human dealers will be gone. And players will only need VR programs to get the whole casino experience.

New Variations

Let’s go back a bit to the present though as we can still mention a few things that have already changed during blackjack’s history. For example, players can choose from lots of new variations like Pontoon, where players can see one card first before making a bet. Or Spanish 21 where all 10s are removed, so you only play with a deck of 48 cards. But this version allows doubling after splitting, while a player 21 always wins even if the dealer has blackjack. You can read more about all popular blackjack versions in our previous article.

Changing Rules

One of the key differences between the latest blackjack variations is an altered house edge. Many new blackjack games now pay 6:5 for blackjack as opposed to the 3:2 odds you can get at a table of classic blackjack. New versions can also feature more than one deck of cards, even up to eight decks.

The rules of doubling down and splitting can also vary, with some games allowing players to double down after splitting. There are different rules on soft 17 as well. In some blackjack games, the dealer is allowed to hit on soft 17, giving the house an extra 0,2%.

Other Extra Features In The Latest Blackjack Games

Game developers try to come up with new features all the time. One of them is offering side bets during the game, which helps players be entertained. A popular side bet is Perfect Pairs when you win if the first two cards are the same color, suit, or both. Another popular side bet is 21+3 which includes the player’s two cards plus the dealer’s first card. You win if these three cards are equal to a Straight, Flush, Three of a Kind, Straight Flush, or Suited Trips.

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