The power of partnership in Africa gambling space

Partnership starts with finding commonality of purpose-it’s about focusing on what connect us instead of what separate us. This is an approach-and a skill-of growing importance in our increasingly demanding gambling markets.

It is not just about identifying mutual risk, but agreeing to take action in ways that can unlock mutual and public opportunities to the ever growing numbers of punters in Africa which attitude towards gambling is evolving year on year. The commercial case for strategic partnership has become more widely adopted over the past several years with industry stakeholders particularly the bookmakers, financial service, technology sector as well as the software providers are using it to great effect.

For example, operators are significantly moving from a go-it-alone model, to a collaborative approach by establishing more partnership with banks, card networks, Fintech innovators, software providers and leading technology companies that puts customers at the center and ultimately, drives shared value. The partnership approach has equal or greater applicability beyond the commercial perspective to address some of the biggest challenges affecting the gambling space. For instance, few years back a lot of local operators find it difficult to solve customers queries in real-time, payments is a big challenge particularly when we have a jackpot winner resulting to companies going bankruptcy or close down without any concrete decision, the industry lack of trust from punters this where some of the industry challenges the sector had to deal with few years back.

Partnership has taken the industry to a whole new height with the industry experiencing unprecedented growth rate in the last few years, which now worth billion of dollars today. Thanks to some of the recent gaming event in Africa which creates an environment for industry stakeholders to meet, discuss as well as create avenue for partnership. Indeed the grey area that is still lacking is regulation sector a lot of African countries still has an outdated gambling laws while some still haven’t legalized online gambling, though out of the 54 countries in Africa four prohibits gambling consequently, for us to fully harnessed this industry African regulators needs an holistic approach through partnership from industry experts in the areas of regulation or partnering with the right regulatory board to guide them on how to properly regulate the industry as well as manage gambling addiction that is becoming more prevalent in Africa gambling ecosystem.

Though, our approach to that effect has being one of the draw-back to the gambling industry in Africa. The ever-evolving industry in Africa by its nature, never done and no sector can do it all alone. To effectively meet this fundamental challenge of the digital era, we must work together in trusted partnership across the public, private and nonprofit sectors with what bind us together and determination. Although, the growth of gambling in Africa is all down to partnership by industry stakeholders which has been use to greater effect in the emerging gambling industry.

Article by Adeleye Awakan
Associate/Editor Africa’s digital gaming news portal. For consultant, Africa gambling space, Bookmaker’s review, Content, thoughtful leadership article Africa gambling industry: feel free to contact me [email protected], Linkedin Adeleye Awakan.

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