The Premier League takes over Africa

If there’s something I like about Africans, it’s the way they are all somehow related. Remember Barrack Obama’s visit to Kenya? The entire Luo community testified having known and related his grandfather.

Well, this relationship is accountable for the love Africa has for the premier league. We all want to have a relative from the states! Mine today is to help you understand why Africans follow the premier league in such large numbers.

First, it’s every players’ dream to participate in the premier league championships someday during their football career. The English Premier League has managed to get the attention of the entire world and Africa in particular. Through their mentorship program, the EPL through an agent selects a promising player from local premier leagues. These individual players are trained and mentored and later become part of the EPL championships. These players are the major reason why Africans support the premier league.
Senegal, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Tanzania are amongst the African nations with large sports betting industries. This is because betting is legal here and some of their players are playing with the EPL teams.

We all have that friend who knows everything about football, deep down we all want to be that friend. Don’t worry, that’s why we are here. Pay attention to the next segment and I promise, the next time you and your crew discuss football, you will be that all-knowing friend.

The premier league just before COVID 19

Just before the coronavirus pandemic, the premier league was in its 28th season. Manchester City are now defending their championship for the second time consecutively, as the defending champions. The last match before the suspension, was held on March 9th between Leicester and Aston Villa. On Wednesday 11th March, the match between Manchester City and Arsenal. This was the first fixture to be postponed in the season. Liverpool were the team with the highest wins from the previous season. This is where we pick from now that the EPL is back in business as of Wednesday 17th June.

Premier League teams

I know this is the part you like the most, from these teams that made it to the championship, you get to select a number of your favorite teams, and follow their matches while placing your bet. There is a total of 20 teams that will be gracing your days for the remaining 92 matches till the end of the season.
The match days have been distributed during the week and on weekends. Midweek matches are to be held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The weekend matches will take place on Fridays and Saturdays. I know as a punter you are wonderinghow you will get to watch your favorite match develop. Don’t worry, there are several platforms set to broadcast live games for the football fans.

The following four channels will be airing the 92 matches as listed below.
1. Sky Sports (64 matches)
2. BT Sport (20 matches)
3. BBC Sport ( 4 matches)
4. Amazon Prime (4 matches)

Sky Sports will broadcast 25 of the matches as free to air. Also, BBC Sport and Amazon Prime channels will be free to air.

Betting tips from us

I know this is the most important information for you as a gambler. We are going to offer you some tips specifically for sports betting. It’s undeniable that currently, the Premier league and la Liga are the headlines of all sports news. Our job is to make sure that you reap the best in sports betting.

1. Make few selections.

It can be tempting to include as many teams and odds in your slip, the secret lies in picking just a few selections for your combination. This is because the chances of winning the bet are much higher.

2. Don’t always bet on your favorite, they don’t always win

We all have issues when it comes to team loyalty. This, however, shouldn’t stop you from reaping the best from your bet. Your money is on the line here. Place your bet depending on the performance of the teams, and not according to favorites.

3. Understand the match

You need to understand the development of the game and how winning is determined. If you can do this, then you can benefit a lot especially with in-play betting

4. Use a variety of sportsbooks.

Most of the bookies offer tempting offers and bonuses to maintain punters’ loyalty. This, however, should not stop you from trying others. Make sure you utilize the freedom you have to try out the betting options and advantages of using different sportsbooks.

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