The rise of betting in Tanzania

The betting and gambling industry has evolved from Land-based casinos to sports betting. Before land-based casinos, lotteries and pool betting was popular among Tanzanian gamblers. Lotteries and pool betting were the first legal gambling activities in Tanzania as executed by the National Lotteries Act and Pools and Lotteries Act, 1967.

Mobile phones and technology have revolutionized the gaming world attracting the youth in both the urban and rural areas of Tanzania. Sports betting is now the leading player in the gambling industry of Tanzania overshadowing traditional gaming forms such as land-based casinos and lottos.

Tanzania was the first country in East Africa to legalize sports betting as part of the gambling industry back in early 2000. Tanzania betting industry considers betting as a form of income to most bettors and attracts the youth, the unemployed, and the lower-income earners. Betting has contributed a huge amount to Tanzania’s Revenue Authority. Each year the revenue collected from this industry increases.

What has led to the rise of sports betting in Tanzania? Many factors have led to the rise of betting in Tanzania. Below is a list of the main factor that has contributed to the rise of sports betting;

Heavy advertising

Sportsbooks have a way to bring more people into betting activities through slick advertisements. Sportsbooks in Tanzania invest heavily in advertisements to attract youths. Their advertisements are placed in such a way a bettor cannot miss it with enticing messages that include a jackpot, bonuses, and promotions. For instance, adverts are placed in high traffic areas and billboards in major towns. Tanzanians cannot miss a betting ad on radio, television, and newspapers. Facebook users too will not miss any of these ads on their feeds.

Establishment of formal betting station

Tanzania sports betting enthusiasts meet at betting stations to watch their favorite teams, to place bets, and entertainment.

The growth of betting stations started when sports betting was legalized by the Gambling Board of Tanzania and was further facilitated by a large number of Tanzanian bettors.

Tanzania hosts about 2684 betting stations and Dar-es-Salaam has the majority of the betting stations 1344 in numbers. Some of the betting stations in Dar-es-Salaam include Throne Bets, Meridian Bets, Premier Bets, iPlay8casino, and many more.

Mobile phone penetration

Almost every Tanzanian has a mobile phone, not only in the urban areas but also the rural areas. The availability and affordability of mobile phones in Tanzania have contributed to the rise of online sports betting.
The growth of internet connectivity has catalyzed the increase in betting activities, online betting to be precise. Tanzanian bettors have the luxury to watch a live stream of football matches being played anywhere in the world. Live stream allows bettors to take advantage of the live offers being offered.

Availability of mobile money

Although the use of mobile money originated from Kenya, Tanzania has also adapted it to their economy. Mobile money is accepted and trusted in Tanzania for payment of goods and services and transacting money. Mobile money replaced the old cash system.

The majority of Tanzanians not only use their mobile phones for financial services but also to transact money between their betting accounts and mobile money accounts. Local bookies and international bookies have included mobile money as part of their payment options to ensure Tanzanian bettors have unlimited payment options. Mobile money is a preferred payment method because it is efficient, safe, fast, and low transaction fees.

The love for the game

Tanzania loves sports, especially football. The love for football in Tanzania is beyond anyone’s imagination. The love for football started way back in the 1930s when local football clubs Simba and Yanga rivaled against each other. The football pitch was filled, as spectators cheered on their favorite teams. Betting was done underground since there were no proper laws placed to regulate sports betting.

Today, betting shops are filled with sports betting fanatics to cheer on their favorite teams, place bets, and have heated debates on football.

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