The rise of online sports betting in Zimbabwe

The growth of sports in the world gave rise to new opportunities, and one of them was betting. Fans from all over the world would predict the outcome of matches for cash rewards or other prizes on a sportsbook. That would go on until the internet was invented.

Things became much easier, and opportunities grew significantly. Online betting was born, and the rest has been quite a journey. Fans of different sports can get valuable returns from making bets, with the number of bookmakers worldwide growing by the day.

Today, you can place your bets on soccer with Betway right from wherever you are. The African continent has not been left behind in the advent of online sports betting, and countries like Zimbabwe are currently experiencing a boom. But what exactly has caused the rise of online sports betting in Zimbabwe?

Competition among several bookmakers

So many foreign and local investors have joined the betting industry. Betting fans have the freedom to choose from the hundreds of betting firms. It is a legal affair in Zimbabwe, and thanks to big brands like Betway, the industry is fast coming to shape. As a way of marketing their firms, or getting more customers to register with them, many bookmakers are using all means possible to lure new clients. Free joining bonuses and promotion codes have become the order of the day.

Many people now have access to smartphones

More than ever before, almost everyone owns, or at least has access to a smartphone. That has made things easier for bettors who would want to place a wager on the go. With a smartphone, Zimbabweans can access all the betting websites available, look for betting tips, and transact easily.

Also, all major brands have developed apps for Android and iPhone users, meaning that customers will find their betting experience simplified and more straightforward.

Marketing is on another level

There is also increased awareness of betting as a pastime and a rewarding venture. From sponsorship deals to print and non-print media, sports fans have been made fully aware of the opportunities available for them. The competition among betting companies is at an all-time high, and you’re likely to see a popup every time you’re online doing about your business. In short, the experience has been brought closer to the people, and the mode of access is simpler.

Sports broadcast has grown

With different organizations paying for sports broadcast around the world, prospects find it easier betting on sports events they can follow. Most of the major events taking place around the world are available on TV, and the adverts that go along with them are related to betting. Fans of the English Premier League, for example, are quite conversant with whatever goes around in a league taking place thousands of miles away from Zimbabwe. That is all thanks to the power of broadcasting. What makes it even more beautiful is the fact that with Betway, betting fans can bet on live events with the in-play option.


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