The role of government regulation and taxation in Africa

Interviewer (E-play Africa): We sat down with Artur Harutyunyan, CEO of BetFounders, to explore the intricate relationship between government regulation, taxation, and the casino industry in Africa. Here’s Artur’s perspective on this challenging yet essential balancing act.

In the vast and dynamic world of iGaming in Africa, the role of government regulation and taxation on casino operators is a topic of paramount significance. As the industry continues to expand, governments must navigate the fine line between regulating a burgeoning sector and promoting responsible gaming while also ensuring that tax structures are both fair and conducive to industry growth.

Artur Harutyunyan, CEO of BetFounders, emphasized the importance of regulation and taxation, stating that they play a significant role in shaping the industry’s future. He pointed out that while governments need to collect revenue for public services, excessively high tax rates can impede the industry’s growth and, in some instances, drive operators towards unregulated spaces. Achieving the right balance between revenue collection and industry expansion is crucial.

As responsible operators, BetFounders prioritizes player protection and responsible gaming. Artur noted their responsibility in ensuring that their platforms promote healthy gaming habits and provide tools for players to set limits and seek assistance if needed.

Collaboration between operators and governments is key to finding common ground, Artur added. He stressed the importance of open dialogue, enabling operators to offer insights into the industry’s intricacies, while governments can ensure that regulations are both fair and conducive to industry growth.

In an ever-evolving landscape, the intricate interplay between government regulation, taxation, and casino operators is a complex but necessary one. It’s evident that achieving a harmonious balance is crucial for the sustainable growth of iGaming in Africa.

We applaud BetFounders and their commitment to responsible gaming and collaboration with regulators to shape a prosperous future for the industry. Together, with open dialogue and mutual understanding, we can navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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