The secret to gambling success

Contrary to popular belief, the secret to gambling success is not luck – although of course there is an element of luck in everything. But luck is not the only thing you need. Responsible, successful gamblers know this basic truth – you should not gamble unless you know the facts.

Responsible gamblers know whether to play, when to play and how much money to play – because they have done their homework.

One area where it is particularly important to arm yourself with the facts is when choosing a new bookmaker or sports betting site. Obviously, new betting sites are an unknown quantity – especially when compared with those that have been around for many years. And this does not necessarily make them unsafe. But it is a huge challenge to discern which bookmakers are genuine and which should be given a wide berth!

The site Silentbet can help you with this task, as it offers a wide range of unbiased reviews of different bookmakers. Below we have gathered some of the useful tips that this platform provides.

First of all, you should check their license. International legislation requires that all new betting sites have to have a license. So you need to make sure that the site you choose is properly licensed by the relevant authorities. It is easy to find this on most websites. If you can’t find it easily – move on and check another site. It is also possible to go directly to the authorities – for example, the UK gambling commission will assist you to find out if a site is licensed or not.

Secondly, you need to check whether your chose bookmaker has a physical address. And even if there is an address stated on the website you really should check to find out whether this address is real. Companies that have been sold, or that have been involved in any illegal activity in the past usually cover their tracks by making it impossible to find them. Even if the address is in a different country – don’t be put off. A lot of sports betting websites have their official offices in places like Malta or Gibraltar.

You should pay close attention to the way your site requires you to make deposits. Obscure methods of deposit can raise suspicions – the traditional methods are more trustworthy. Bitcoin is always in the news these days and some sites accept Bitcoin – but remember that this is not a proper currency. You need to be careful with any claims about the advantages of Bitcoin because it is exempt from regulation and therefore you could be in dangerous waters. One of the more modern payment methods that have proved itself trustworthy is Paypal.

One excellent way of getting the facts and finding out whether a site is trustworthy is to read the reviews about it. This may sound self-evident, yet you can rapidly get a vibe of other players’ experiences by perusing their remarks. You do need to be aware, however, that players do tend to leave negative rather than positive reviews. Indeed, even with the large popular bookmakers, Trust Pilot scores are low. Another good thing to check out is the company’s current sports sponsorships, as this gives an indication of whether they are genuine or not.

Always double-check your choices. Yes, as the Forbes has announced, online betting is a hobby of many billionaires, but for the rest of the players, a massive unsuccessful wager can be crucial.

A question any gambler should constantly ask him or herself is this: Does it Seem Too Good to Be True? We all have had experience of being contacted out of the blue by somebody claiming that we have won some fantastic amount of money as a prize in some spurious draw or other, or on some flimsy pretext, or in a competition that we have no recollection of every having entered!

If your website ever sends you a message like that then you should see that as a big warning sign! They are probably not reputable at all. There is nothing for nothing in this life, as the saying goes – and this is true in gambling as in any other area of life. If it seems too good to be true – it probably is!

Most sites will make you a tempting welcome offer – because of course, they are constantly on the search for new customers. You need to carefully evaluate the benefits of any welcome offer. Most welcome offers will be one of two following types: if you bet a certain amount you get a free bet, or you get a free bet bonus that is equal to your initial deposit.

The first is the most obvious – if you bet $10 you get $10 free. But you need to be aware of the qualifying conditions – the bet with have minimum odds. If this was not the case, you could bet on an event and get your reward without any risk. However minimum odds are usually 2;00 – known as evens. So the potential reward you will get is pretty small.

The second kind of welcome offer has the potential for greater rewards. Some sports betting sites will match your first deposit. But be mindful of the following:

Percentage Matched – this means that the bookmaker will match your first bet or deposit – some as much as 100%. So if you put in $100 they will give you $100 bonus. But you will be forced to bet your $100 before they release your bonus.

Qualifying Odds – you need to find out what the minimum odds are – these are in the terms and conditions and it is well worth your while to spend a bit of time studying those. The small print is always difficult but as a responsible gambler, you do need to know the terms – as many people have come to grief and lost their hard-earned cash by failing to acquaint themselves with these terms. They are the rules by which you play – and we all know that a good sportsman or woman plays by the rule. That is what sport is all about!


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