The Top Casino Game Categories Revealed!

A recent study has been conducted by one of the top online casino brands, KTO, that reveals what the most popular casino game categories among its players are. All is revealed below, including the top games. Find out more below!

Slots Take the Lead

KTO Casino has been providing online sports and casino entertainment for a number of years. Recently, they decided to start looking into what games and categories are the most popular.



It becomes very clear looking at these numbers that online slots take the crown as the most popular game category among their players. With an overwhelming 90.39% of all game rounds at KTO being on slot machines!


The newest phenomenon in casino entertainment, crash games, takes second place with 7.36% showing an astonishing lead for slots. While far behind in third place is roulette with less than 1% of all rounds played at the casino.


Interestingly, roulette games have historically been seen as the “most popular” casino game category. In fact, Statista data from 2022 shows that the vast majority of respondents had listed roulette (78%) as their preferred game with slots taking fourth position here with 64%.



What’s even more interesting is the huge gap in the data here between other table games like blackjack with 66% of respondents mentioning it as one of their favourite casino games, while it only had 0.04% of rounds played at KTO.

The Majority of Top Games are Slot Machines

In order to find out a bit more about why this might be the case, we had a deeper look into the data that KTO had shared online about the top casino games and it became very clear what casino players are spending their time playing.



The above table shows the 10 most popular games being played at KTO filtered on actives. From this table, it’s evident that a huge majority of players have become interested in playing slots – 7 out of the top 10 games are online slots, with the other 3 being crash games.

PG Soft Games Reign Supreme

What really shows the popularity of online slots is the fact that about 67% of all players at KTO played Fortune Tiger – an online slot from PG Soft, a game provider that has historically been creating games for the Asian market. In fact, 6 of the top 7 slot machines are from this same game provider with Fortune Rabbit (36.66% of actives) and Fortune Ox (36.05% of actives) both coming in very close to each other in terms of popularity.

Conclusion: Players Enjoy Spinning the Reels

Based on the research carried out by KTO, it’s become evident that KTO’s players are seeking out slot machines more than any other form of online casino entertainment – more specifically, they are looking for PG Soft title.

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