The Ugandan regulator has embarked on eliminating illegal gaming operators

The management said they have started enforcing the law on operators who are using illegal slot machines.

“We have been conducting random spot checks across the country in order to identify and eliminate illegal gambling activities. During these checks, our officers have been visiting various locations, including pubs, clubs, and other places where slot machines are often found. The checks have been conducted without prior notice, and we have been able to catch several unscrupulous people in the act,” – a statement reads

In a press statement that National Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board issued on March 3, 2023, said the operators are conducting out the activities of gaming without any safeguards for the underage yet minors are not supposed to take part in such activities. According to the management of the Lottery and Gaming Board, illegal operation prevents government from collecting the would-be taxes.

“The gaming industry directly contributes more than sh110b to the government annually, funding education, infrastructure projects, thousands of charitable organizations and more. So, when illegal gambling machines skirt the law, they also skirt taxes, contributing nothing to the initiatives supporting Ugandans and the country’s economy,” – management said.

Gaming board said the initiative is in line with the commitment to a safe and gambling environment for all members of the public.

“We also encourage members of the public to report any suspicious gambling activities to us, as this will enable us to take appropriate action. We believe that everyone has the right to gamble in a responsible and ethical manner, and we will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that this is the case,” – the statement further states.


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