The Unique Features of Play'n GO Slots

Play’n GO was founded in Budapest in 2005 by a group of investors who believed mobile phones would form the future of online gaming. 15 years later, it became one of the biggest companies in the iGaming industry. Today, the company has 450 employees, 150 games and offices in 5 different countries. Play’n GO games can be played in more than 40 countries, and each one offers a different experience. However, whichever you prefer, you can both have fun and win. One of the reasons for the company’s rapid growth is the unique features of its slots. We list the most important of them below: first read, then feel free to play Play’n Go slots online.

Different Layouts

Most online slot machines use the standard 5×3 layout. This means that there are 5 reels in the game and 3 symbols in each reel. Play’n GO also has such slots (e.g. Legacy of Dead slot) but does not hesitate to try different layouts. It is possible to find games that use the 7×7 layout in the portfolio of the company. Having 7 reels and 7 symbols in each means that your chances of winning also increase. Some games start with a 5×3 layout, but the number of both reels and symbols increases during the bonus rounds (or when a feature is triggered).

In other words, there are many slots in Play’s GO collection that have a different look and give more chances to win. We recommend you to take a look at Ankh of Anubis and Diamond Vortex slots: the second one doesn’t even have reels and uses mechanics similar to match-3 games. This also applies to the number of paylines: Play’s GO slots have not only 15-20 lines, but 720 and even 1,024 lines. And, as we all know, more paylines mean that there are more chances for creating winning combinations.

Omny Channel Magic

Omny is the name of Play’s GO delivery platform. It has two important features:

  1. First of all, it enables all Play’n GO games to run on any device and platform. Whether you use iOS or Android, you can get a smooth gaming experience. This also applies to Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems: Games on the Omny platform support all types of devices. The secret is in the technology used: Play’n GO develops games that use HTML5 format, and such games can run directly on browsers. In other words, any device with a modern browser and internet connection (regardless of model and operating system) can run Play’n GO games.
  2. The second feature of the Omny platform is the “game progress transfer”. Imagine starting to play on your mobile phone, triggering a bonus round but having to quit due to connection loss. If you go home and connect to the same game from your laptop, you will find that you can continue where you left off. In other words, you can transfer your progress on a particular device to any other device. Moreover, this is not a feature that can only be used in online slots: land-based casinos can also use the same system. All you need is a player profile. This profile can be shared between countless devices.

Innovative Bonuses

All slot games have bonus rounds, but these are almost always free spins. When a specific condition is triggered (for example, three scatter symbols appear on the screen), you start spinning the reels for free. This classic bonus is, of course, also included in Play’n GO slots, but you can find much more. Almost every Play’n GO slot machine game has a creative and innovative bonus. For example, in Baker’s Treats, you have to collect delicious pastries before you can earn additional free spins. In the Golden Osiris game, wild symbols are hidden under the others, and you can reveal them by creating winning clusters. In addition to such mechanics, you can find features such as stacked symbols, multiplier wilds and scatters to collect in almost every game. Each Play’n GO slot offers a different gaming experience and allows you to always try something new.

We can also add the amazing multi-language support to this list: each slot of Play’n GO supports more than 30 languages. Play’n GO is one of the developers that have a place in the future of the iGaming industry, and we wonder what surprises it prepared for us for 2021. We are sure, however, that Play’n GO will continue to develop high-quality slot games that will keep us entertained.


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