The Worst Problems When Using An Android Betting App In Nigeria

Nigeria is a country where online bettors have an abundance of iGaming operators to choose from. That’s one of the reasons why the companies available in this country try to improve their services constantly. After all, that’s the only thing they can do if they want to keep attracting new customers.

Online bookmakers and casinos know that most of their customers are forced to use their smartphones and tablets daily. That’s why gambling operators worldwide invest millions of dollars into creating mobile app websites. This is also true for Nigeria, a country where, according to some sources, more than 100 million people use mobile devices.

Even though smartphones and tablets provide a lot of benefits to online bettors, they also have a lot of cons that mobile punters have to be aware of. Here are some of the most annoying ones.

Being disconnected while punting on live sports events

One of the things that make betting on mobile devices so special in the first place is the fact that you can punt on different sports events in real-time. Interestingly, after you open Nostrabet’s site, you can use the official download link for Android and have the option to use the gambling operator’s In-Play section. The latter is notorious for offering you the opportunity to wager on different kinds of sports and use cool markets/dynamic odds.

Having the opportunity to punt on real-time sports events is great, but it requires you to have a flawless internet connection. That’s because even the slightest problem will cause your device to lose connection. Needless to say, this means you won’t be able to place the bet you were patiently waiting for, or you may not have the chance to use features, such as Cash Out.

The next potential problem that some of you have to face is the fact that you may need a specific device to bet on the go. You don’t have to worry about this if you choose the bet9ja app for Android from Nostrabet, but other iGaming platforms require their clients to use a specific smartphone or tablet. This limits your options because you only have access to the mobile site if you are not using the specific device.

Losing your mobile data

Another typical problem that only mobile bettors have to worry about is using up their mobile data. This is a more prominent issue for people using a mobile website for betting on the go, but some mobile apps may also cause you a lot of data if they are not optimized properly.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do in this situation, apart from using a Wi-Fi network or an unlimited data plan. The latter is not that easily accessible because it usually costs a lot of money, especially in Nigeria. Consequently, most people who bet on the go in the country have to use Wi-Fi, which also has its risks. After all, someone can easily hack a specific network and steal your personal data.


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