Things you should know about African gambling industry

African countries have amazing landscapes, incredible adventures, wild safaris and undeniably exotic destinations filled with amusement and culture. Gaming and gambling is, however, the pinnacle of all this fun. Africa possesses some of the most amazing land-based casinos as well as world-class online gaming casinos that suit all your gambling needs.

Before you consider gambling in any specific country, you need to learn about the different gaming regulations in each of your listed African country. The epicentres of gambling in Africa are Botswana and South Africa with the rest of the countries catching up closely. Gambling is legal in most of these countries; however, due to the rise in illegal gambling, local governments and gambling boards are closely monitoring gambling activities. For instance, in Kenya, taxation has been imposed on gambling as a regulatory action to curb excessive gambling.

Top 5 African countries in gambling and gaming


Kenya is amongst the top African countries that offer gaming/gambling services to its gambling community. Sports betting is the most popular form of betting in Kenya. Gambling has been legal since 1996, regulated by the betting lotteries and Gaming Act. Originally, betting has been taking place in casino established shortly after the legalization of betting. However, things have changed since the introduction of mobile/online gambling which has been growing at a very high rate owing to the growing football passion. Kenya has 30 licensed casinos that are located within its major cities, with an estimated total of 1300 slot machines and over 200 gaming machines. Some of the most famous casinos are the Mayfair Casino, the Casino Flamingo, and the Captain’s Club in Nairobi. Located in the city of Mombasa are the Senator Casino and the Golden Key Casino. Games like Poker, Roulette and Blackjack are amongst the games available in Kenyan casinos. It’s good to note that both online and land-based casinos are legal in Kenya.


Gambling is generally legal in Botswana. Proper regulations have been in place to regulate gambling before 2012. However, online gambling lacks proper regulations according to the Lotteries and Betting Act as well as the Casinos Act of Botswana. In 2012 a new act was established to put into place regulations for all forms of gambling. We all agree that there’s no better news in the gambling industry than these. A brighter future awaits this industry. The games available include Poker, Slots, Bingo amongst others, however, currently, there is no local online sports betting site in Botswana. The good news is that gamers are free and welcome to place bets on any foreign sites available online.


Morocco has a total of 7 licensed casinos, 138 table games, 1,256 slot machines, 16 poker tables. 4 Moroccan cities host the licensed casinos; these cities are Agadir, El Jadida, Tangier and Marrakech. Gambling is legal with the main form of gambling being casinos. The Mazagan Beach &Golf Resort is the largest casino, and it is located in El Jadida, with a total of467 video poker and gaming machines, 46 table games and 10 poker tables. Other casinos include the Movenpick Hotel & Malabate Tanger, Atlantic Palace Casino Resort and Le Grand Casino La Mamounia.

South Africa

The main form of gambling in South Africa has been casinos. However, other legal forms of gambling include Horse racing and the South African National Lottery. Cape Town is the largest gambling city with a total of 2,572 video poker, slots and gaming machines, 82 table games ns 5 gambling facilities. SA Boosts of hosting the largest casino in the whole of Africa, which is the Grandwest Casino & Entertainment world located in the capital city, Cape Town.


Gambling is legal in Uganda, and the most common forms of gambling include sports betting, the national lottery and casinos. Due to the limited use of the internet in Uganda, most of the gambling activities take place in land-based casinos. These casinos offer traditional games such as poker and Bingo. Gambling licenses reissued by the National Lotteries and Gambling Regulatory Board established in 2013. Online gaming sites have shied away from the Ugandan market due to low subscription and government regulations. Nonetheless, gamers are welcome to place their bets on foreign sites freely.

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