This is How You Make a Winning Prediction

Soccer and football have everyone’s attention as the most gambled sports in Africa. Football fans meet every time to discuss match outcomes and boast of their winnings. This is our culture and we love it.

While some gamblers place wagers for the thrill of it, some of us are seeking to make really good money out of gambling. Therefore, we put all our efforts into ensuring that the predictions we make in a bet are not just the best but also winning predictions.

Every gambling enthusiast endeavors to learn how to make winning predictions and to keep improving this skill. This is because making your predictions is safer than just relying on the ones provided by your bookie. Remember these people are out there for business and there is no way on earth they are going to let you win just like that. Winning from a bet is usually a matter of chance but you can learn how to win consistently by investing your time in learning a few tricks to beat your bookies.

For instance, before the most popular matches in Africa, AFCON, La Liga, and the English Premier
League begin, free tips and predictions are published online. Learning to analyze the statistics provide online is a priceless skill. These daily predictions assist punters in making decisions. Your mastery in predicting results as a punter increases your chances of winning.

The secret is in learning the different prediction models. This will assist you to rate your teams correctly and make as accurate predictions as one could dream of. It is our job here at to provide you with the best tips.

First, ensure that all the data and statistics that you intend to use are from a reliable source and very correct. These statistics are the foundation of your predictions and the results depend on how correct and accurate your data is. For instance, for great matches like La Liga and the EPL, a good source of their statistics would be the homepage of the leagues.

In addition to having accurate data, punters should take note of the goal differential, location of the shots on goal, the possession and the shots on both the goal and target. These factors are very important in determining the results of the match you seek to predict.

We advise punters to review their best teams to get a clear image of their performance and capabilities to help you with prediction. There are a variety of betting websites to provide you with all the information that you need. This is because punters can bet from different sites at any given time. This said, you ought to know the things you need to look for while analyzing the statistics for predicting results. The following are the considerations that punters ought to make when predicting match results.

Always consider looking at the house edge of the home team. It is wise to check whether the home team has any advantages over the guest teams. This is because these advantages seem to give the home team the upper hand making it easier for them to win.

Also, punters should consider goal differential of all the team they are betting in support of. Punters should, however, note that the favorites don’t always win and that the underdogs are not bound to always lose. Football matches are also very random, meaning that the results are not always as expected. This makes the sport even for fun. There is, however no loss in trying.

The other factor that bettors need to consider is the shot on goals. This is because shots depict a team’s performance in a great deal. Though shots don’t always become goals, a punter can decide to focus on betting on the number of shots and not on the result. This is because the teams involved in the match might have a larger goal difference, making the team making many goal shots to still lag in the results.

If you are looking for a reliable site in Africa that provides accurate football statistics, I will recommend a few.

1. Bet365
2. Odibets
3. oddslot
4. Africa Bet Prediction

Oddslot for instance is an African site that gives you odds for daily matches. This site has classified their predictions into 7 categories:

1. Favorite
2. Moderate
3. Home DC
4. Home DNB
5. Away DC
6. Away DNB
7. Avoid

Africa Bet Prediction is a portal for football. This portal displays football predictions, live football stats, sports widgets, and tools. In this portal, you are welcome to suggest new tools. These suggestions are expected to help make predictions even more accurate. This means that more gamblers can access the predictions from the site and earn more money.

Try including today’s tips the next time you gamble. Thank me later.

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