Three betting commandments you should never forget

Sports betting has become mainstream, with people from all walks of life engaging in real money gaming.There are betting shops at every turn, and betting apps would be sold out on the app store if possible.

It is important not to lose oneself, while gaming and winning, these guidelines would ensure you are gambling responsibly. Stake what you can afford to lose. This might seem obvious, but many have been found defaulting on this unwritten rule. It is easy to forget that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, with the promise of a large payout leading punters to bet with money they have earmarked for rent, school fees, debt settlement etc.

It is good to have the mindset that money used as a wager is already lost, and money one cannot afford to lose should not be used to bet. Anything can happen, any game can ‘cut’. Do not bet with money won from gambling.

This guideline is more of a folklore, a superstitious belief amongst gamblers.There might be no empirical evidence to support this belief, but it is generally believed amongst gamblers that money won from gambling is soon lost if reinvested into the venture.

When you win significant money from sports betting, you are better suited cashing out and taking a short sabbatical.Do not have too many open betsIf you are the type of punter that has open bets in the tens every weekend, this is your cue to stop.You are losing money faster than a lacerated artery would bleed if that is how you go about stacking betting tickets in their numbers.


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