Tools Kenyan players can use instead of GamStop for responsible gambling

Did you know that 84% of young people in Kenya like to bet online and they have been doing this on a regular basis? This is one of the numbers that is going to rise in the future due to better access to the internet, economic growth, and more providers available.

As you can see, millions in the country love to gamble. Sadly, a small percentage will end up with certain issues such as gambling addiction. Those people need help. Because GamStop is not available here, they have to use certain tools we will discuss below.

Why is GamStop not available in Kenya?

We must explain why GamStop is not available in this country. The first thing you need to know is that GamStop works with UKGC only and it is available on the UK gambling market only. As such, it doesn’t work in other countries. It is a shame knowing how effective this program is and how many people like using it.

GamStop basically helps players distance themselves from online casinos and other sites where they can bet. The idea is to prevent online gambling until players sort the problems out and recover.

Tools available to players from Kenya

As you saw earlier, GamStop is not available here. All it does is ban you from gambling online. A good thing is that players from Kenya can use certain tools that do the same thing. We will cover the main ones below so you can decide which one works best for you and your gambling style.


NetNanny is the oldest tool here. It was released in 1993. The initial version was developed as parental control software. This meant that parents were able to block certain websites such as adult websites, limit screen time, and more.

After numerous updates, NetNanny became more sophisticated. Today it is used as one of the tools for gamblers who have a gambling addiction. The tool can limit access to gambling sites and make it impossible for the user to gamble. It is available for Windows, smartphones, and even Fire OS devices. Sadly, it is not a free tool.


Gamban is another tool that we like and many people have been using it for this specific purpose. It allows you to install the app on your device and keep yourself safe from online gambling. You can easily get the app for Android and iOS devices if you use those. But the app is available for Windows and Mac computers as well.

Once you install the app, you cannot use gambling sites. There is no way you can avoid GamStop ban and gamble again on UKGC licensed casinos. The app is not free but you do get a 7-day free trial. This is useful to see whether the solution works well for you and your particular gambling problem.


This is another tool that we must include on the list. The tool has been created in Scotland and it is completely free. Yes, players from Kenya can use it for free as well. BetBlocker is a software-created tool here. You will get the app, configure it in less than 2 minutes and you are ready to start. As soon as you are done, the app will block access to all betting and gambling sites where you used to gamble.

There are over 85.000 sites blocked according to the official website and the number of users is over 70000. It is growing as we speak so these numbers will be much higher in the near future. Due to the fact, BetBlocker is free and effective, we really like this option and many Kenyan gamblers agree with us.


Don’t confuse BetFilter and BetBlocker. These are not the same apps and they don’t work in the same way. But you still get the same level of effectiveness. The tool here allows you to get the app and block casino websites and all other materials that are tied to online gambling. Kenyan players have tried this tool and a huge number of them are satisfied with the overall result.

The license for the tool starts at 6 months. This is the same shortest time frame as with GamStop which is interesting. You cannot remove the ban during the lifespan of the license. Even if you are a hacker, you still cannot remove the exclusion. BetFilter works well on smartphones, computers, tablets, and all other devices you may use for online gambling.

The final word

Because GamStop is reserved for UK players, Kenyan players will need to find an alternative that works equally effectively. We have covered some of the best tools that are available right now, work well every single time and each one will help you. As you were able to see, most of these tools are not free but some are. Be free to try all of the options we have covered here so you can find the best one in the least time.


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