Top 5 Nigerian female punters of 2022

With significant gains from numerous bookmakers, Nigerian female punters have had a fantastic year. Here are the top five female punters of the year. Nigerian bettors who were winning on various sporting events from various bookmakers were blessed with the year2022, and these bettors have been categorized based on their effect in 2022.

5. House of Amber (Lilian)
One of Nigeria’s most well-known female punters is Amber. She has more than 116k twitter followers on Twitter. Major bookmakers like Sportybet have given her a lot of wins. She won a massive odds of about 800 odds for her followers on Twitter. Her previous and recent winnings have given her the popularity she has now.

4. Callista Roseline Morire
Another well-known female punter with a sizable fan base is Callista. She has more than 262k Twitter followers and is recognized for his accurate betting advice and winning streaks. Most of her efforts have been rewarded with a lot of winning tickets from bookies in 2022.

3. LifeofAduni
With more than 148k followers on twitter, Aduni is one of the most popular and well-known female punters on Twitter. She is recognized for her tennis tips which has won so many of her followers a huge sum of money in recent years. Her tennis tips has been top notch with Twitter street benefitting from it massively.

2. Cindymonel
Cindymonel is another reputable female punter on Twitter with over 231k followers. She has won severally on Betking in recent years with a good winning rate. A lot of her followers have benefited from her games with a lot of testimony being shared on social media.

1. Chizzy BB
One of the most well-known female punters in Nigeria is Chizzy BB. On Twitter, she has 164k+ followers. Major bookmakers like Sportybet are where she has won. She also gained from the recently finished World Cup competition. She has a successful track record as a punter as well.


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