Top African Nations where You can gamble

Gambling in Africa is spreading like wildfire, as many nations discover the potential in this industry. Some of the countries that had strict regulations against gambling are now opening gates for casino operators.

We have countries embracing gaming as a tourist attraction business, whereas a section of them would want to grow their economy through foreign investments. If you are an enthusiastic gambler, the following countries will give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy gaming and also win a fortune:

South Africa

This is a big player in gambling, having legalized the industry a few years ago. If you are a resident here, you can savour a variety of games and slots from both online and land-based casinos. Some of the famous casinos in the country include Montecasino, The Gold Reef City Casino and Pilanesberg Game Resort. The Gold Reef City Casino is arguably the most vibrant destination for South African gamers. It is home to the latest video games and over 1700 slot machines.

Horse Racing and the national lottery are also popular in South Africa. The online casinos are subjected to a few stringent regulations; therefore, some operators have shied away. For those who have a business in the country, they have strictly followed the government’s instructions to protect the South African population.


The Kenyan market, as well as regulators, has adopted a friendly approach towards online casino gambling operators. The most popular destination is Golden Key Casino which has taken the Kenyan industry to the world. Many of the resorts offering casino games also provide other recreational activities. Kenyan gamblers have a choice to attend any of the 30 casinos available in the country. You will find several kinds of slots and table games.

Regarding online casinos, Kenya is more favourable compared to South Africa. Gamers and operators are free to run their businesses since online casinos are welcome. Kenyan authorities have also legalized iGaming. Generally, a significant group of Kenyan gamblers love online gambling where they can place bets from the comfort of their homes.


You probably are aware that Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa. As a consequence, the country is causing a stir in the gambling industry on the content. Land-based casinos are highly regulated, and casino operators are only allowed to offer games that build skills rather than pure gambling. However, many owners are running the business underground to escape the arm of the law. Only three licensed brick and mortar casinos are allowed to operate.

Unlike land-based casinos, there is more freedom in Nigeria when it comes to online gambling. Companies provide services to gamblers freely because there are no laws in this perspective. Nigeria launched the first online casino in 2013, and the response was massive. Gamblers could queue to place bets on the platform. Since then, more offshore casinos have tapped into this potential to provide players with games. Some of the casinos accept the Nigerian currency for deposit.

Final Thoughts

The above three countries are leaders, but the African continent continues to gain potential as time moves. Some other welcoming countries include Morocco, Botswana, and Mauritius, among others. Watch out for Africa because there is every prospect of improving the online gambling industry.

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