Top betting tips in Africa

In some parts of Africa, betting is considered a source of income for the youth and the unemployed. The middle-class society looks at betting as a form of entertainment and leisure, and others bet for the love of the game.

Sports betting is popular in Africa. Today, the focus is on football betting. Every African punter will not miss betting when the football season has kicked off such as the Champions League, Europa League, World Cup, and the Africa cup.

If you are new to betting and you do not know where to start, this article provides detailed tips on how to win a bet and by the end of it, you will have the knowledge of the best betting tips available. But first, you must understand the types of betting available.

There are 3 main types of betting:

Single Bets
If you are new to football betting, single bets are a starter pack. It is easy and straightforward; a bettor needs to make one selection to get one outcome. Single bets have low risks–you might win or lose depending on the outcome of the game.

Accumulator Bets
It involves selecting different games from different leagues to have a combined bet. The trick is the more you pick games, the more the winnings since your odds are multiplied by the number of games. To win the game, you must predict all games right.

System Bets
It is a collection of single bets tied to a single system bet. It is the riskiest type of bet and only favorable to experienced bettors.

Betting tips available for African Bettors

Analyze the Statistics
Betting does not depend on luck—skills and strategies are needed for one to predict correctly. An African bettor needs to analyze the statistics before any game. Keep in mind the stats on existing series, previous games, tables, number of games, goals, the team, and the player to mention a few. Every detail is important including a suspended player or injured player. A small detail can make a huge difference. Analyzing the stats will reduce the losses.

Odds Comparison
Betting sites found in Africa do not have the same match they contain different odds. For instance, SportPesa will not have the same odds compared to Betway for a Premier League match. Experienced bettors advise one to have different betting accounts with different sportsbooks to compare odds after all the main goal is to make more profits.
Odds are created by oddsmakers whose job is to analyze the statistics and later create favorable market odds based on their findings. Comparing different odds in different sportsbooks assists a bettor to find better odds in the market and what odds to avoid.

Live Streams
The main goal of betting is to win some more, not to lose all. Thus, it is essential to watch the game live as you take advantage of offers being featured. For instance, Cash out that allows a punter to withdraw some of the money before the game ends. The amount of cash-out may be less or more than the original stake depending on the type of bet placed.

Betting Calculator
A betting calculator is an essential feature that every African bettor needs to take advantage. A betting calculator is used to calculate the potential winnings on the amount of stake a bettor wants to place.

It allows an African bettor to calculate the payouts that have the best bet returns on the amount of stake placed. A betting calculator uses decimals, whole numbers, or fractions to calculate the payouts in any form of betting such as in single bets and multiple bets. A betting calculator gives bettors an understanding of how much their stake is worth against the odds given. Thus, a betting calculator will allow you to strategize before deciding on placing a bet.

Always follow your instincts when placing a bet anything can go wrong not as expected. Betting experts have predicted outcomes wrongly sometimes. Search around the internet, betting websites, betting apps, join sports betting forums to get a better understanding of the game. The key to becoming a pro better is to study and analyze the games.

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