Top Bizarre Historical Facts About Gambling

Gambling is an entertaining activity that many individuals enjoy around the globe. It’s popular because of its consistent chance of winning some money, and often, the sums are insanely high. That makes brick-and-mortar and online casinos very attractive places.

As the surge of adrenaline we get is in our genres, gambling has been a popular entertainment source in history. In this article, you’ll get the chance to see a couple of bizarre and interesting facts about gambling.

Lottery was Illegal
When we think about the lottery today, it reminds us of a game of chance that can change people’s lives. But only decades ago, this activity was considered illegal in over 40 US states. Much later, the lottery became a legal activity that plenty of people could enjoy. It’s now a regular part of Neteller online casinos and state-run physical lotteries. Even international ones are available, offering potential prizes reaching seven and eight figures in wins. Out of all the gambling activities, the lottery is a gambling game where people can’t lose a lot of money but can win plenty, making its illegal status genuinely bizarre.

The First Slot Originated in San Franciso
Slot games have become extremely popular casino tools to attract players. There are now thousands of different variations available in Trustly deposit casinos. Hundreds of software gaming companies think of different themes and creative visuals that captivate players around the globe. An interesting fact is that it all started in an auto shop. Charles Fey made the first slot machine in San Francisco. Customers played these while they waited for their cars to be repaired. Casinos then started buying them, realizing how much potential they had. Now, they’re the foundational element in any casino you enter. They’re now available in players’ hands who can enjoy them on smartphones.

Gamblers ate Evidence During Police Raids
There are plenty of exciting stories about gambling during the times when it was prohibited. A fascinating one involves players swallowing evidence such as dice. The law enforcement couldn’t do anything to convict them, as there was no evidence of any game going on at the scene. Gamblers could enjoy playing craps, knowing what they have to do if the police barged in.

King Henry VIII Enjoyed Gambling
The Tudors were known as the great rulers of England, and King Henry VIII was amazing in some ways. However, some things cast shadows on his time of reign. For example, among many surprising facts about him, one that specifically stands out is that he was a gambler.

While many kings focus on doing what’s best for the kingdom, some pursue pleasurable activities. Even though he was not very good at gambling, he could still afford to lose throughout his reign.

Gambling in Monte Carlo is Illegal for the Locals
Ironically, if you’re a citizen of Monaco, you’re banned from entering the local gambling venues. That practice has been in place since 1800s, when the magnificent brick-and-mortar casinos opened to host tourists worldwide. It’s a smart move that keeps the locals safe from spending time at the casino. They can focus on other things and enjoy their casino time when they’re abroad. Still, they get a massive benefit from being Monaco residents. It’s a country with extremely low taxes. That’s why many wealthy people flock to the tax haven.

FedEx Wouldn’t Exist Without Gambling
FedEx is now one of the biggest companies in the US. However, not many people know that the company went through many struggles in 1973. It was then that the owner took what was left of the company money and made a trip to Las Vegas. He put the money on the line playing blackjack and luckily returned home with plenty of winnings. That was enough to jumpstart the company, and it has kept growing ever since.

Casinos on Water Evaded Prohibition
The US is has a notorious gambling history with a series of prohibitions. One memorable story is the prohibition in California during the 1930s. Los Angeles players were unable to gamble, but there was a loophole. The legal jurisdiction of the state’s laws stopped only 13 miles away from the shore, where the famous SS Rex boat was located. On it, the residents of California could gamble without breaking any law, as they were technically in the international waters. Of course that the casino was raided as the jurisdiction boundaries were expanded.

As you can see, there are plenty of exciting stories from gambling history. One thing is certain, we’re yet to see many others come to life. Technologies such as VR and AR will completely disrupt the current market and create interesting stories to join the list above. We’re yet to see how everything will unfold, as the industry is one of the most adrenaline-filled ones, promising reaches for the select few.


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