Top online casinos in Egypt

Egypt a country in the North of Africa is famous for its ancient history and amazing civilization. This country is one of the countries in Africa where gambling is an old activity and dates back to 3000. BC Gambling in this country takes many forms and various platforms offer the activity.

The most incredible and outstanding feature of Egyptian gambling is that most games are based on the country’s rich ancient history. Gamblers like to dare the gods of riches always associated with gambling.
Besides online casinos, there are brick and mortar casinos, lotteries, sports betting sites, and other gambling establishments. In this article, we will be focusing mainly on the online casinos.

Is online casino gambling legal in Egypt?

The answer is yes. The country lacks online gambling laws, therefore, no laws prohibit the activity or regulate it. This makes the gambling citizens to freely engage in gambling with offshore registered gambling companies. It is however good to note that the lax and the Holy Quran prohibit any Egyptian natives from gambling in any land-based casinos. These establishments are strictly open for tourists. Natives are however free to join any online platform and gamble. The legal age for gambling in Egypt is 18 and 21 years.

Now that you know you aren’t getting into any trouble by gambling on the internet, let’s look into online casinos in detail. What options do you have and how do you go about it? Read on and find out.

Online casino games for Egyptians

This is my favorite part! Egyptian casinos have a fantastic and a creative way of offering games with incredible themes featuring symbols from the ancient Egyptian history. Depending on the kind of games you like to play, there is a wide selection of both games of strategy and games of chance. If you think you have the expertise and knowledge to try any game of strategy, good luck! You can select a few and stand a chance to win some cash.

Lucky for you, the list of games is endless, whether you like table games, slots or video games, there’s something for everyone. Additionally, whether you like to play in your quiet or enjoy a near real-casino like game, you can play from a casino offering live- dealer games. Here’s a list of games you can look out for in any online casino of your choice.
 Roulette
 slots
 Bingo
 Craps
 Live Games
 Video Poker games
 Scratch Cards
 Blackjack
 Poker
 Baccarat

The most important thing about looking into the game selection in any given site or casino is to ensure that you get to enjoy a variety. You dint have to switch between casinos to enjoy your favorite games. Instead, you can look for a casino offering most or all of your favorite games.

Best online sites for Egyptian gamblers

Several offshore sites are accepting Egyptian gamblers. Before choosing a site, we advise that you look into the welcome bonuses available for new subscribers and other bonuses in sore for you. You can always add value in your gambling by claiming some of these bonuses up for grabs. Below is a list of some of the sites with an international reputation that we can recommend to you.

Also, review each site before investing your hard-earned money there:

1. 888 casino
2. Casino Las Vegas
3. bwin
4. Casino Cruise
5. Spin casino
6. Party Casino
7. JackpotCity
10. 777 Casino

Top Tip

If you will be playing online, make sure that play the best of the games. You should consider playing games that have the following outstanding factors;
1. Compatible to your device
2. Reliable platform
3. Rich game selection
4. High speed of gameplay

This said, it’s time for you to dare the gods of riches and have fun gambling.

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