Top poker chip tricks that are easy to perform.

Though the main role of the poker chips is serving as the game currency, they go way beyond that today which is why knowing some easy poker chip tricks can always make it better for you! Gamblers are always fascinated by poker players who know how to use complex poker chip tricks.

In fact, there are many different poker tips and tricks that you can find all over the internet. And even if you prefer gambling at online casinos, the best poker chip tricks are always fun to know. If you enjoy playing poker and constantly try to learn how to improve your poker skills, you will most probably interested in these tricks. Besides, no matter which poker variant you are playing, you can always show your chip skills. Yet, if you enjoy online gambling sites, check Intertops Poker where you can find some of the greatest odds and the online gambling bonuses.

Easy poker chip tricks – Standard shuffle.
Among the easy poker chip tricks that you can use, the standard shuffle is the easiest one of them. You can even guess it from the name. Learning the basics will be enough for you to learn how to shuffle in poker fast and easily. And some practice will just make it perfect.

So, this is how you can start – take two relatively small stacks for every of the five chips. If you pick them of different values and colors, it will even be better because it will let you know if you are doing it right. Next, put the stacks very closely and place them together densely. Your thumb and index should hold one stack and little and ring fingers the other stack.

The thumb flip is not much harder than standard flip.
You might have seen the thump flip before in movies if you love watching poker movies. Just as shuffle, it’s not complex at all, but thumb flip is just a bit less easy than standard shuffle. Try learning to do it with 3-4 chips first, then, you can challenge yourself and start increasing the chips’ number! What you do is:

You select a stack of three or four poker chips and you put them in between your first three fingers on their one side. Your thumb, however, should be resting on the chips from the other side. Then, you roll the 1st chip on the pile outside. And after it, you turn it over into the stack.

Get a proper table for the chip bounce.
Next in our list of easy poker chip tricks is chip bounce. For this trick, you need to have a fitting poker table. This trick will be hard to perform at the plastic or even wooden table. And the results won’t be very satisfying.

Here, just as it says in the name, you need to bounce a chip off the felt. Then, you just let it fall onto the stack of chips you hold. The chip bounce technique is also one of the easy poker chips which is mainly about practice. And the angle of the table is really important – it should be small and very thin.

Impress everyone with the vanishing chip.
Many poker players love this trick as it’s a great way to impress other people at the table. The main part of the trick lies behind the dexterity of your fingers. This is why it’s a bit more complicated than other easy poker chip tricks. You have to move your fingers really smoothly and in a balanced way so that no one feels how the chip actually disappeared. You should balance the chip on your thumb. And your hands are supposed to have no chips inside. It looks more like a magician showing some tricks than a poker player balancing the chips in the hands.

Not for the Beginners – the Spin and Bounce.
Though spin and bounce are also easy poker chip tricks, it will be hard for beginners to perform. Yet, if you manage to learn how to do it, it will look really fancy. You just hold the chips between the thumb and the other fingers. Then you make one chip spin out in the air and bounce back again in that same hand. Looking at the trick, you might think it’s pretty easy to perform. Yet, we are pretty sure you need to spend some time mastering your skills in it.

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