Top trending online casino games in Africa

Land-based casinos are the oldest form of gambling in Africa and are still relevant in the gambling market of Africa. Overtime casino game moves have changed by incorporating technology into their business model. Today, the casino’s business model consists of both offline and online models.

Online casino is a popular gambling game among African gamblers. Gamblers participate in their own time and comfort, unlike land-based casinos where one has to visit the premises.
African gamblers are attracted to online casinos because it offers plenty of bonuses and promotions such as new sign-ups, free bets, boost on winnings, and free spins. They also do have limited games. Every day new online casinos are introduced to the market. Thus, players will never lack a game to choose from and try it out.

Online casinos have been trending since the introduction and adaptation of technology and internet services that are now available to most African countries. Techies too play a vital role in the growth of online casinos in Africa; they are working around the clock to give better online casino user experience. Apart from the best casino experience, they ensure the safety and security of customers’ data is paramount by including SS2- encryption technology to their website and regularly updating it to ensure their clients are safe.

So, what are the top trending games in Africa?

Poker is a common casino game both in online and offline casinos. Every land-based casino has a game of poker being played in one of the tables. An African gambler can decide to either play a 3-card poker or a Caribbean stud poker. Casino poker is usually played against the dealer. Texas Hold’em is another favorite poker game in Africa. It consists of five community cards and two cards for you to end up with a straight flush, flush, two pair, or a pair for you to win.

Bingo is a popular casino game in Africa.

It is not an old man’s game as assumed by other people anybody can participate in a bingo game. It is one of the simplest games ever in the history of gambling.

Bingo depends on luck. A person picks random balls and reads them out. The participants only need to cross the numbers in the list.

A winner is the first person to cross out all the numbers in the list before anyone else.

Roulette is an interesting game and entirely depends on luck. It is a game where one rolls a ball and predicts where the ball will land. A win happens when the player predicts correctly. Simple as it looks, it is difficult to predict where the ball will land.

Blackjack is a famous casino game available in both online and offline casino games and a friendly game for both new players and experienced players. Blackjack is a game that entirely depends on luck, skills, and wits.

An African casino is not complete without a slot machine. Slots machines take a bigger share of the games available in the casino, for instance, a land-based casino can have a hundred slots machines and five poker tables. Slots games are available both online and offline.

There are hundreds of online slots available for African punters and each slot entirely depends on luck. For starters, it is recommended simple 3-reel slot machines and 5-reel slots can be played best by experienced players. Note that the more complex the slot machine is the more features available. Progressive slots are a popular slot game. The more a player plays the more the reward. If a player wins the game, the player starts again.

Live casino
Live casino is probably the hottest game in the African gambling scene. Players experience a real-time gaming experience but online with the use of webcam technology. The activities of the players and dealers are streamed online. Baccarat, roulette, and blackjack are some of the games played in a live casino.

Casino games are a game of strategy to reduce the house advantage, learn the basic strategy first before making a decision. You can start by playing free online casino games to learn the rules of the game. Once you are comfortable, you can switch to real casino games where the money is involved.

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