Trends that will change gambling industry over the next decade

Gambling is one of the sectors that can’t be improved without technological innovations. In other to enhance bettors gaming experiences, bookmakers and platform solution providers need to be aware of modern technological trends and implement new solutions as soon as possible.

But how can they see over the horizon and predict upcoming innovations for the future over the next decade, below, we will uncover trends that will transform the industry of gambling, especially in Africa.

Blockchain is an ideal solution for Africa gambling Industry

There has been much debate about the growth and trend of online gambling in Africa, how it will shift consumer behaviour from retail to online due to Covid-19 pandemic. Although in my last article where I pointed out how the region is a decade behind in online gambling, in other words, Africans still have some issues of trust with online gambling, limited access to the internet among other things. However, looking at the blockchain is an ideal solution; it is already known as a breakthrough technology, one that brings more hope for future to several industries in our daily lives and online gambling is not an exception. It is essential for gaming operators that every day countless transactions are carried out on blockchain technology through receiving winnings or exchanging cryptocurrencies.

With blockchain technology makes purchase faster and more straightforward, no banks or other third parties involved in the process. All transactions are transparent to every participant, as it is seen its better for both operators and players. Winnings can’t be blocked or confiscated by banks, so players don’t need to wait for hours to receive their money. Unlike the bank process that could take hours to process winnings of customers. Blockchain is instant; the technology of blockchain lessens fraudulent activity because one operator does not control personal and other information, and stored in different places.

One platform for gambling and sports bets

Some bettors are interested in betting on sports activities. In real life, casinos and sports bets don’t coexist in one place, but since the advent of gambling came online, the idea of a gambling and sports bets combination sounded perfect for passionate punters. The online gaming platform that combines various games with different betting options is gaining momentum in recent time. Within the years to come, we will begin to see more sports betting platform offering online casino games. Like poker games, slot games, roulette on one same platform because the combination of sportsbook and online casino games helps save time and improves the gambling experience. The trend will be next in line with technological trends in the gaming space.

More Engagement with Virtual reality

Over the last few years, virtual reality has received a lot of attention from developers and customers. Nowadays, the full range of VR devices and options has demonstrated to the public. People try a new virtual experience with real-life graphics and total engagement. Unfortunately, virtual reality is mostly available for modern video games, but the limits will be expanded shortly, especially for online gambling. Online casino is an excellent example of how VR can replace traditional land-based casino ones with virtual reality implementation. There will be no need for players to visit casinos outlets in real life when they can get the same or even a better experience without leaving home. One moment a user can play roulette in a Vegas casino and ten minutes later he can move to Macau. Virtual reality is going to change online gambling drastically while offering innovative opportunities for gamblers.
Artificial intelligence

AI, of course, stands for artificial intelligence. It has a rich history and has been the backbone for countless aspects of computing, gaming and more. Artificial intelligence technology is influencing the igaming industry with are unique features to create a better in-game user experience and how to better serve ads current or potential clients through real-time personalization. This unique feature is an enhancement of user experience by providing human-like customer service powered by machine learning.

AI technology also processes quick user queries; automated customer support can be fast, efficient and human-like. For example, imagine asking a question to chatbots that responds like a human-giving you answers based precisely on your profile. That’s the power of AI this technology will change the gambling sector in the coming years.

In Conclusion

In the coming decade, traditional casinos and retail sports betting will continue to exist in Africa and the rest of the world because the target audience for online gambling consists of people 18-35 years of age who rely heavily on their phones. However, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are growing in momentum in the region with crypto will improve trust among players and offer transparency to their customers. With the implementation of blockchain, smart payments, swift transactions and easy money exchanges will become real. Virtual reality experience in online gambling look promising, and we only need to wait for gaming to be transformed in general while AI is changing the overall landscape of online gambling in recent time. The experience of online gambling through different models of technology helps the industry to grow and further create an excellent experience for customers and take the gambling business to a whole new level.

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