Turbo 27 Slots from Kajot

If you are feeling like visiting your local land-based cash casino to indulge in some old school arcade slot machine games, why not try a game that delivers the same experience right on your own computer at an online casino?

Turbo 27 by Kajot Gaming is one of such retro video slot games, filled with old-school reel symbols and a few original Bonuses to spice things up a little. With real stakes and real fun, it could easily become your new favourite pastime.

But if you need more information to make up your mind, read our full review of Turbo 27 and decide by yourself whether or not you should give it a try.

A clear retro universe from the start

Turbo 27 sticks to the very basic elements of slot gaming, which is to say a few spinning reels covered in various symbols, hovering on top of an abstract background much like the similar Vegas 27 slot.

The graphics of the game are nonetheless very decent, with black and fluorescent purple shapes seemingly moving behind the massive reels. Not a whole game universe per se, but a clear retro feel that veteran players will surely appreciate.

The sound effects are on par with the graphics, retro and simple. In a nutshell, Turbo 27 stands out with its ultra classic yet fun atmosphere – enough to catch the eye of most players.

Getting started

Turbo 27 follows the classic Kajot Gaming rules. This gameplay is simple enough for total beginners in the slot game world to get started very fast and win big regardless of their level of experience.

The game features three reels, with three symbols each, and no paylines at all. Instead, winning combinations appearing anywhere on screen will pay according to your bet size and the type of symbols lined up. The (+) and (-) switches located at the bottom of the game screen will let you adjust the size of your bet per line. Remember that bigger bets yield bigger potential cash rewards in the future.

Hit the central Start button to get the game your turn started and keep an eye on the spinning reels. After each successful spin, a mini guessing game will start automatically to give you a chance to double your winnings. Guess correctly the colour of a hidden card to do so, but be careful because an incorrect answer will take you back to the reels empty-handed. Alternatively, try out the Auto Start mode to play on autopilot, while the reels spin on their own over and over again.

A well-know, retro symbol list

To keep up with its retro theme, Turbo 27 features an array of classic reel symbols inspired by famous arcade slot machines. You will probably recognise them from the very beginning of your game.

The Dollar Signs, Cherries, Oranges and Plums are the most basic symbols of Turbo 27. This means that you will see them frequently spinning on the reels, but also that their payouts is relatively lower than the other symbols’.

Bigger wins come with the Bells, Grapes, Red Sevens and Bar Signs. Remember that you just need three identical symbols lined up on a payline to trigger a cash reward. Besides, Turbo 27 still has a few secrets to reveal.

Special Bonuses

The fun would not be complete with some special features to bring some fresh air to the usual betting routine.

The green Joker symbol, for instance, has the particularity to be able to replace any other icon instantaneously. This means that it can help you land many extra winning combinations across the reels at once. The Joker is also the most valuable of all symbols, as it multiplies your bet per line by 200.

You will also notice three uncommon symbols of the reels, featuring the letters TU, B and BO. Needless to say that you need to line them up in order to form the word “Turbo” in order to trigger a Bonus, in the form of ten Free Spins. During those free games, the R symbol multiplies all your wins by two.

A good place for first timers

Turbo 27 is a good illustration of what a classic, retro slot game should look like. A colourful universe with well-known reel symbols, a simple gameplay topped by a few Bonus symbols to keep players interested in the long term. No frills, just fun and high stakes.

More ambitious players might regret the absence of Scatters or separate Bonus rounds in Turbo 27, for instance, but beginners will get a great first impression of what slot gaming is like by playing this game.

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