Tuscany Grand Prix – Qualifying | 12/09/2020

Ahead of us is the first ever Tuscan Grand Prix, a race at the well-known Italian track, especially to Ferrari drivers.

After Lewis Hamilton’s unlucky performance at the Italian Grand Prix, and the loss of an almost certain victory for an Englishman, the Mercedes driver will try to position himself in the best possible starting area, as overtaking opportunities on this circuit are as yet unknown. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton is absolutely motivated and determined to reach for the next Pole Position, and his biggest rival, Valtteri Bottas, does not have such a perfect form, which he confirmed in previous competitions. Despite the high level of competition, he had to recognize Hamilton’s superiority. Since the riders will be racing here for the first time, there is no advantage (especially Ferrari, for which this is a test track) for either team. The current order will decide whether to win Pole Position.

Date: 12/09/2020

Time: 15:00

Circuit: Mugello

Pick for this match:

„Lewis Hamilton” – @1.43 (Betway)

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