TVBET launches Bet on Good Foundation to help Ukraine

TVBET, with the support of its Founder Peter Korpusenko, launches the charity fund – Bet on Good Foundation. The charity fund intends to unite the powers of the igaming industry and direct them to solve the pressing problems of our time. In the near future, for obvious reasons, the fund’s activities will be focused exclusively on helping Ukraine.

A full-scale war in Ukraine has been going on for the 8th month. During this time, the TVBET team helped the Ukrainians as best they could: employees took part in rallies, the leadership bought body armor and helmets for the Ukrainian army, and everyone donated money to various funds. Peter Korpusenko, CEO of TVBET, in search of solutions to maximize the scale of assistance to Ukraine, together with the team, launched the “Bet on Good Foundation” charity fund, which aims to unite the efforts of igaming companies from around the world and focus their efforts on supporting the most pressing problems of our time. Today it is the war in Ukraine, the issues of Ukrainian citizens, and civilian infrastructure.

Peter Korpusenko, CEO of TVBET, comments:

“You know, about 50% of our colleagues are Ukrainians. We are all very worried about the lives of our employees, the lives of all Ukrainians, and the fate of this beautiful country. In fact, by the eighth month of the war, it turned out that each of us has someone fighting, either a brother, a friend or a classmate. It is impossible to stand aside, the war has affected each of us, our hearts and souls, and all our attention is fixed on it. Therefore, it is necessary to scale up our efforts for maximum assistance to Ukraine to bring its victory closer as soon as possible. That is why we are launching Bet on Good Foundation, and we intend to draw as much attention as possible to the issue of Ukraine. The war must end! And Ukraine must win!”

The peculiarity of the fund is that everyone from the global igaming industry can join the fund’s charitable activities. Moreover, each partner company can assign its person to the Board of the fund, which will decide on the most efficient distribution of funds between areas (civil infrastructure, support for families, support for migrants, support for the army).

Anyone who wants to participate can already apply on the foundation’s official website –

Peter Korpusenko states:

“Not so long ago, we presented our fund at one of the key SBC events and were amazed at how warmly and passionately our idea was supported by industry representatives. It is vital and valuable for us that so many people want to help Ukraine. That is why I suggest everyone who wants to join our foundation and take an active part in making decisions regarding the future activities of the foundation, make joint campaigns in the media, and draw more attention to the pressing problems of our time. If you want to join, you can contact me personally or leave a request on our official website – Let’s bet on good together!”

The Bet on Good Foundation team is open to any proposals for the fund’s activities and urges not to remain indifferent. In addition, the fund will soon be presented at SiGMA Malta, which will take place on November 14-18, 2022. So, visitors to the exhibition will be able to communicate with representatives of the fund personally.

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