TVBET partners up with BetX & Evona

TVBET has signed a strategic partnership with BetX/Evona to offer new opportunities in the online casino & sports betting segments. TVBET, the leading provider of live-games for the igaming industry, expands its presence in global markets by partnering with BetX/Evona.

Cooperation of the companies will allow players to get new opportunities in the world of online casinos and sports betting. TVBET has been offering premium software in the growing segment of live streaming solutions for several years. An important feature of TV-games is that they run continuously, around the clock, seven days a week. Thanks to the high-quality image, excellent performance, and twenty-four-seven work, TVBET live-games are gaining more and more popularity. And the alliance with the BetX /Evona will make it possible to please even more fans and clients in the region.

Evona is a certified service supplier that has been offering its turnkey and white label casino products and solutions to the gaming industry for about 30 years. Its products’ portfolio includes sports betting, lottery games, virtual casinos, virtual sports games, and from now on, live games by TVBET. The collaboration of TVBET and Evona will allow customers to enjoy new high-quality game integration to enter new niches.

BetX is the Evona’s trademark for sports betting, live racing, virtual games and lotteries, that operates on the markets of the Czech Republic, Poland, Tanzania and Ghana with its own brand. Moreover, the company offers their product to partners operating in Congo, Cameroon, Territorial Guinea, Central African Republic, Romania, Montenegro, Croatia, Liberia, Nigeria, Malta and many others.

BetX enables betting on sports, constantly introduces new disciplines and products to the website, so that its clients can experience only positive emotions. is an absolutely new field and option for BetX users. At the moment, customers are able to play three following products:

PokerBet: A popular online game for bookmakers based on the well-known rules of Texas Hold’em Poker. During the game, as usual for poker, there are five rounds (Bet, Preflop, Flop, Turn, and River), during which the round of accepting bets is open.

21Bet (or Black Jack): One of the most popular card games around the world. The uniqueness of this game is that it is quite simple in the rules. Two conditional players must score the number of points closest to 21, like in regular Blackjack.

War of Elements: A simple and fast card game between a player and a dealer. The player and the dealer are dealt two cards on the table, and then they are compared and the winner is determined.

Within the framework of cooperation, players may already find TVBET games on the website of the Polish bookmaker BetX.

The companies stay strong in the pursuit of their goals and intend to strengthen their positions in the global igaming market.


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