TVBET is a global live TV-games provider that offers some of the most exciting live betting products for sportsbooks and casinos in the form of software integration. TVBET provides the igaming market players, both operators and suppliers, with efficient alternative betting solutions for their sustainable growth. Their products impress bettors and casino players all over the world. The well-known games have been reinvented by TVBET to provide partners’ clients with the immersive gaming experience 24/7

The TVBET sportsbook.
Everyone’s favorite live TV and card games are available to integrate into sports betting websites, apps, and betting shops. The familiar betting line, single bets and parlays on popular games around the world will not leave your players indifferent. On top of that the basic software provided for the live in play games will never disappoint players.

Games at a fast pace.
TVBET products are a great addition to a partner’s sports offering. The games have no seasonality, working 24/7 with each draw lasting around 2 minutes. Thanks to this, players spend their time placing bets on TV games away from the sport, increasing their average cheque, number of bets and profits.

The virtual Solution.
Virtual solutions by TVBET are the right option for the platforms with a feeble internet connection. A vast media base of pre-recorded games allows partners to broadcast them offline, maintaining the randomness of the outcomes.

Game products from TVBET.

Pokerbet – TVBET
As in regular Texas Hold’em poker, PokerBet entails five rounds (Bet, Preflop, Flop, Turn, and River), during which bets are accepted on positions and combinations of hands. The game takes place in LIVE mode without interruptions around the clock.

Unlike the traditional Poker format, TVBET’s PokerBet has no player limit and several betting options are available to players. The goal of the game is to collect the strongest combination compared to others. At the same time, participants can bet on a win of one of six positions (1st hand, 2nd hand, etc.) or on a winning hand combination.

PokerBet uses a deck of 52 cards. Before each round, bets can be placed on the current round and then on the subsequent rounds.

7Bet – Lottery.

7Bet is a popular and fast live game where 7 out of 42 numbered balls are selected randomly by the lottery machine. For each new game, 42 lottery balls are dropped into the lottery machine’s mixing chamber, and the mixing begins.

The balls are numbered from 1 to 42 and are of two colors – blue and black. With this, creating various combinations of both the numbers and the colors is possible. There are several betting options: on exact dropout selection, non-dropout selection, guessing of the exact number, the total sum for all lottery balls or color, odd/even for all numbered balls or color, the order of color of selected lottery balls, condition of the first or last numbered ball and many others.

A round of bets on current and upcoming games occurs. Bets are placed between the first game and the upcoming game and last for about two minutes. Games are held every 3 minutes daily.

KENO is a simple and fast live-game where 20 out of 80 lottery balls are chosen. The dealer greets the participants, 80 numbered balls are dropped into the lottery drum and mixed. Then twenty numbers are randomly selected from the mixed lottery balls one by one and placed in the tubes of the game result. If more than twenty lottery balls are drawn, only the first 20 dropped out are taken into account, and the rest are ignored. If fewer numbered balls are drawn then the game is canceled, and the bets are returned to the players.

Various betting options are available: players can guess a certain quantity of numbers, the exact list of numbers, certain numbers not to be drawn, whether the total will be over/under a certain amount, and whether the numbers will be even or odd.

The round of accepting bets on current and future games occurs between live-broadcasts of games and lasts about 3 minutes. Games are held every 6 minutes daily. And many more other TV games.

The TVBET Backoffice on the smartphones.
All betting activity performance can be easily tracked in the TVBET backoffice, to which each partner has full access. The easy-to-use analytics help you keep track of betting dynamics, turnover, GGR with custom filtering, as well as setting up jackpots, pop-up banners and much more in the back office. An indispensable tool for high-quality performance tracking of TVBET products in a simple and intuitive design.

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