Types of Online Lotteries

Lotteries are not only the most common organized form of gambling but also the oldest. Their roots date to ancient Chinese dynasties.

These are relatively simple games that feature fixed prize pools, where parties willing to partake in their draws can buy tickets hoping that good fortune is on their side so they can share in their distribution. From a financial point of view, purchasing lottery tickets is not a rational investment. Though, representative data in multiple countries shows that lottery participation increased happiness levels in participants before draws. So lottery gambling has a distinct utility value aside from a monetary one.

Globally, lotteries are a massive business that is rapidly growing despite general sentiments that these draws are losing ground to sports betting and online casino games. According to Industry Research, the worldwide lottery market should start pulling in annual revenues of $450 billion by 2027. And in the US alone, lottery ticket sales increased to almost $95 billion in 2021, representing a 17% boost year on year.

On top of lotteries lining operators’ pockets with cash, they also have a societal benefit, with many countries’ governments mandating that their profits get diverted to financing road infrastructure, education, and health. The same thing is present in Nigeria, where the National Lottery Trust Fund, a sister agency of the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, has launched projects such as No School Left Behind. These two organizations now work hand in hand to establish multiple endeavors that allocate lottery profits for the common good. Below is a short analysis of various lottery games and keno online products that Nigerians can enjoy via their smartphone or desktop computer.

Foreign International Draws

Nowadays, residents of almost any country on Earth can participate in world-famous lotto draws held in countries like the US, Spain, Italy, and many others.

That means that the PowerBall, listing jackpots in the hundreds of millions, is available for enjoyment from Nigeria. So are Spain’s Euro Millions, Italy’s Super Enalotto, and other renowned draws like Euro Jackpot, PowerBall Lotto Australia, Melate Mexico, and Germany Lotto.

The top rewards in these are dramatically different. The same can get said for their overall prize funds and how they produce wins.

Usually, the best way to participate in these games is through third-party websites where users create accounts, and their wins get credited to them. In a case when someone hits a mega jackpot or a prize of considerable value, an exclusive payout arrangement gets negotiated, hopefully commission-free.

The global lottery jackpot record is $1.586 billion, offered by the US PowerBall. The Mega Millions lottery is responsible for the second highest prize, with $1.537 billion, awarded in October 2018.

Popular Nigerian Lotteries

Going by web traffic, Gab Lotto is likely the most frequently played Nigerian lottery. Without argument, they are one of the leading Lotto companies in the country, with thousands of agents and online sales. It works closely with NLRC and many respected state lottery authorities like the LSLB (the Lagos State Lotteries Board). Gab Lotto offers foreign lotteries, and games can pay out prizes instantly up to ₦1,000,000.

Superior Games Limited is a Lagos-based company that the Lagos State Lotteries Board licenses and regulates under the approval of the Lagos State Lotteries Law. It is famous for its three fixed odds lotto games. These are Mega Millions, Global Games, and Super Games.

Golden Chance Ventures Limited is an entity operating out of Ikeja, Lagos, boasting regulatory approval in every state where it has a branch office. Aside from the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, its regulator list also includes the Lagos State Lotteries Board. It delivers seven games, each with different closing times and max payouts. Players can use the Golden Chance Lotto website to play these, choose their bet type, and buy a virtual ticket quickly using the platform’s rudimentary interface. Golden Chance Ventures got up and running in February 2005, now providing at least four games daily. Its spread is undoubtedly the widest across Nigeria and is super competitive in all of Africa.

On the topic of African lotteries, notable Mother Continent lotto players are the South Africa Lotto, Kenya Lotto, Lotto Zambia, and GG World Keno.

Online Keno Options

While many think of real money online keno as a specifically American thing, that is not so. Gamblers from across the globe love keno, with nationwide draws in Australia giving out millions to lucky players.

Thanks to the miracles of modern technology, Nigerians can now participate in varied online lottery games, including keno, via online casino sites. These apps feature software-powered draws that implement 80-ball, 60-ball, and 45-ball keno rulesets. Plus, they host video keno games akin to popular online slots in style and win potential. They are perfect for gamblers who hope for steady yet smaller prizes.

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