Uganda – big day of gambling

A big awaited match for gamblers in Uganda as all sports betting companies will be at it once again.

Ugandan youth have for long been rivals when it comes to big matches and stakes for some games especially when it comes to Arsenal and Manchester games

For the past years Ugandans go head on head mostly the youth to gamble theirs with all they have when it comes to this day view match of the big dogs. No one believes until its done.

Most Ugandans radio stations do broad cast in local languages to some who don’t watch will be at it again as the most awaited game which make Kampala and other towns around Uganda and more happening places to make much than the usual daily earnings on this day.

Centenary park Uganda, casinos and betting houses flood with youth gambling, it will be head on head on the 30th /09/2019 when Manchester fans and arsenal fun are at it again. As it is in England these two teams have a bigger fun base which leads to fun, and losses to some.
It’s called the red devils and the gunners.

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